Who is fluent in English in Aespa?

Who is fluent in English in Aespa?

Umji is definitely the most fluent in the group but Yuju’s English is still very good. In F(X), there are two members who speak English fluently: Amber and Krystal.

Who is fluent in English in red velvet?

Short compilation of Kim Yerim form Red Velvet speaking english! Support this multitalented legend.

Does anyone in twice speak English?

Originally Answered: Which members of TWICE know how to speak English? None are completely fluent in English but Jihyo and Mina can get through small English conversations at their fanmeetings. NaYeon and Chaeyoung are quite good as well.

Who speaks English Mamamoo?

Out of the 4 members, 3 can speak English fluently. Rose was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia so it’s only natural that she speaks English. She is by far the most fluent member of the group. Next we have Jennie, who lived in New Zealand as well for 5 years, and it’s no surprise she is can speak it well.

Who can speak English in exo?

When Kris was still with them, he’s the only member who could speak English fluently.

Which K-pop idols can speak fluent English?

Here r SOME of the idols i know that speak fluent English.

  • RM BTS.
  • Jae Day6.
  • Young K Day6.
  • Johnny NCT.
  • Mark NCT.
  • Jaehyun NCT.
  • (not Jisoo tho she is still learning :3)
  • Sorn CLC.

Who in Shinee can speak English?

Another member of Shinee, Onew, also speaks English, Japanese and Mandarin. During his trainee days, Onew made sure to learn the three languages in a bid to improve his chances of becoming a global star.

Who can speak English in Gfriend?

All of the members can speak English quite well, but there are 2 specific members who basically are fluent in the language; the maknae and the main vocal. In other words, Umji and Yuju— Kim Yewon and Choi Yuna. Although all the members are talented with the language, both of these members are the most fluent.

Who can speak English in BTS?

The leader of BTS, RM is the only member who can speak English fluently. The other members (Suga, V, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin) know English but only a little bit.