Who is calling from 01684?

Who is calling from 01684?

Where is the 01684 Area Code? The Malvern 01684 dialling code intersects the counties of Worcestershire and Gloucestershire in the West Midlands and South West Regions of the UK.

What area code is 01684?

The area code 01684 is for Malvern and the surrounding area. Locations using 01684 numbers include: Birtsmorton.

Where is 01604 The area code for?

01604 is the area code for Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK.

What is a 01694 number?

The area code 01694 is for Church Stretton and the surrounding area. Locations using 01694 numbers include: Acton Burnell. Church Stretton. Longville.

Where is 01689 the code for?

The area code 01689 is for Orpington and the surrounding area. Locations using 01689 numbers include: Farnborough.

What is Malvern area code?

Area code 610Malvern / Area codeArea codes 610 and 484 are telephone area codes which serve the eastern and southeastern regions of Pennsylvania. The area includes areas to the west of Philadelphia, along with the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Reading. Wikipedia

What is the code for Malvern?

Suburb Data:

City: Malvern
State: KwaZulu-Natal
Postal Code: 4093
Zip Code: 4055

Who is calling from 01604?

01604 Area Code (Dialling Code) 💡 01604 is the area code for Northampton and the surrounding area. The UK telephone numbers from Northampton have this format : (01604) ###### within the 5 digit geographical dialling code 01604 (including the zero) are 11 digits long.

Do you pay for 01604 numbers?

Number People 01604 phone numbers are instantly activated with no charges, and you don’t even need a credit card to set up your account. Just pay from 1.5p per minute to forward your calls to their destination.

What is Orpington like to live in?

Orpington has a strong local market and with plenty of opportunities to trade up and down, people do tend to stay. Most of Orpington and the surrounding area to the south is in the BR6 postcode; Petts Wood, however, finds itself in BR5. Anywhere on the Keston Park or Farnborough Park estates.

Is Malvern in Herefordshire and Worcestershire?

The Malvern Hills are in the English counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and a small area of northern Gloucestershire, dominating the surrounding countryside and the towns and villages of the district of Malvern. …