Which company is best for marketing internship?

Which company is best for marketing internship?

IBM. 4.0. 82.2K. Reviews. 73.1K. Salaries.

  • Unilever. 4.2. 11K. Reviews. 2.7K. Salaries.
  • Microsoft. 4.4. 37.3K. Reviews. 77.2K. Salaries.
  • Meta. 4.3. 9.4K. Reviews. 30.1K. Salaries.
  • Starbucks. 3.8. 46.4K. Reviews. 50.4K. Salaries.
  • Discover. 3.9. 3.1K. Reviews. 6.4K. Salaries.
  • Target. 3.7. 57.1K. Reviews. 89.9K. Salaries.
  • Comcast. 3.8. 12.8K. Reviews. 21.6K. Salaries.
  • What do interns do at publishing houses?

    Publishing Intern may help with editorial, creative, and/or business tasks. For editorial tasks, the Intern reports to the Managing Editor. For creative/graphic design tasks, the Intern reports to the Creative Director. For business/general tasks, the Intern reports to the Publisher.

    Who are the big five publishing houses?

    “Big Five” Publishers

    • Penguin/Random House.
    • Hachette Book Group.
    • Harper Collins.
    • Simon and Schuster.
    • Macmillan.

    What do marketing internships look like?

    The marketing intern may be involved in many tasks, including identifying marketing needs, designing marketing materials and working with team members to evaluate current marketing efforts. Marketing interns use their educational background in marketing to assist the company while also learning on-the-job experience.

    How do you become a publishing house editor?

    Here are the steps for gaining the education and work experience that you likely need to be a book editor:

    1. Earn a degree in a related field.
    2. Seek editorial and publishing opportunities.
    3. Take additional training courses.
    4. Develop your portfolio.
    5. Apply for editorial assistant positions.
    6. Earn promotion to book editor.

    Is it hard to get a job at a publishing company?

    Publishing is a notoriously hard business to get into, so you’ll need to be at your very best to get a job, but it’s most definitely worth it.