Where is the key for the Prothean artifact on Eletania?

Where is the key for the Prothean artifact on Eletania?

To get the key, you first need to speak with the Asari consort, Sha’ira, who’s located at the Presidium in the Citadel. Accept her quest and talk to General Septimus, then accept his quest and agree to talk to the Elcor ambassador in the Presidium.

How do I get to the anomaly on Eletania?

You need to travel to the planet Eletania in the Hercules System, which can be found in the Attican Beta cluster. Head towards the Anomaly that is in the southwest area of the map, and you will be able to Recover it via the usual hacking mini-game. This will activate it and raise the sphere into the sky.

Where is Eletania?

Attican Traverse
Planet Statistics Eletania is an uncolonised world located in the Attican Traverse. While it appears to be suited for colonisation, its native life has a symbiotic relationship with unfilterable microscopic creatures that cause anaphylactic shock when inhaled by non-native life.

Where is Sha IRA?

Sha’ira’s sanctum The Consort’s Chambers are located on the Citadel Presidium near the financial district. The entrance, where Nelyna greets new arrivals, turns the corner into a lounge where the acolytes see to the needs of clients that Sha’ira doesn’t have time to see.

What does SHA give Shepard?

Trivia. “Sha’ira” comes from an Arabic word meaning “poetess”, or “female poet”. This best explains her “gift of words” that she offers Shepard if the Commander helps her with Septimus and Xeltan.

How do you sleep with the asari consort?

Instead, she can be slept with in exchange for completing the Asari Consort mission on the Citadel. This is done by speaking to a few diplomats throughout the Citadel in order to stop rumors from being spread about Sha’ira.

Where is Septimus in Mass Effect?

Septimus. Accept your quest and make your way out of the consort’s chambers. Once back on the Presidium, make your way to Chora’s Den (you should have visited it multiple times by now, so you’ll be fine finding your way around). It’s here that you can find the general in question, General Septimus.

Is the Prothean sphere found in eletania’s ruin in Mass Effect?

The Prothean sphere found in Eletania’s ruin in Mass Effect is highly similar, if not identical to, the Prothean relic found on Kopis in the Mass Effect 2 assignment Project Firewalker: Prothean Site.

What does planet scanning do in Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect 3 planet scanning builds up your war assets and increases your Total Military Strength for the final confrontation against the Reapers. Finding war assets, artifacts, intel, credits, fuel locations and the rest, ultimately affects which Mass Effect 3 endings you can get.

What’s new in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Eletania’s terrain now features 3D grass carpeting instead of plain green textures. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Do flagged decisions carry over to eletania?

Basically every single even vaguely minor decision you make over the course of the game is flagged to carry over. They might not have even remembered they flagged it considering the sheer quantity of variables it is buried under. How do you get the Prothean artifact on Eletania to work?