Where is Ravenwood Smith?

Where is Ravenwood Smith?

Ravenwood- Go behind the School of Myth and he is standing near the bench in the corner. Shopping district- As soon as you enter the Shopping District make a right turn at the first street, you will see two buildings with blue awnings. Go between the two buildings and the smith is standing next to the tree in the back.

Where is Golem Court Smith?

Golem Court. As you’re walking into Golem Court, look to the right of Golem Tower. There’s a tree, and the smith is behind it.

How do I find the Commons Smith?

Prospector Zeke in Wizard City, The Commons gives a quest to find 10 humanoid dwarf looking black smiths, AKA The Smiths, hiding throughout Wizard City. The Commons Smith: This Smith can be found inside the Fairegrounds behind one of the carnival tents at the back behind a tree.

Where are the Smiths Wizard City?

Join in on this search-and-find around Wizard City to earn your point! You can find him in the Commons near the entrance to the Pet Pavilion. There are ten to locate in Zeke’s quest “Find the Smiths.”

Where is Olde Town Smith?

Olde Towne Smith is standing right next to the lady in front of the empty building across from Bazaar.

Where is the Smith in Olde Town?

When you enter Olde Town head to your right where Gloria Krendell is standing. On her right is a tree and standing between the tree and her house is the next Smith. On your quest to talk to Nolan Stormgate go behind his stage and across the river to the little island looking piece of land by the wall.

How do you unlock Colossus Boulevard?

How to get there? You must have completed all of the storyline quests in Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, and Cyclops Lane. Merle Ambrose will then give you a quest that allows you to access Colossus Boulevard. You must complete Colossal Trouble to gain access to this location.

Where is the Cyclops Lane Smith wizard101?

Cyclops lane: By the tents near Stormgate in the grassy areas. Unicorn Way: By the entrance to the Hedge Maze.

Where is the Smiths in Triton Avenue?

Triton Avenue Smith Search for this Smith in Triton Avenue at the Four Falls Mill. Cross the main bridge and then turn left across all of the falls to find the Smith at the other end.

Where is the Smith Unicorn way?

Unicorn Way Smith is near the Hedge Maze when you go to the front door turn around and you will see him in the front.

Where is the secret trainer in Colossus Boulevard?

Mildred Farseer in Wizard City’s Colossus Boulevard The next trainer is Mildred Farseer in Coldstone Cottage on Colossus Boulevard. How to get to Mildred…. Run to Mindy PixieCrown.