What size tow chain do I need?

What size tow chain do I need?

For towing, a tow chain should be of a length that keeps both vehicles within the maximum 4.5 meter distance. For recovery purposes, though, tow chains can be any length that the owner deems to be convenient. 20 footer chains seem to be the most common choice.

What is the strongest chain for towing?

Grade 100 chain
Next to Grade 120, Grade 100 chain is the strongest type of chain offered by most industrial hardware suppliers. It is 25 percent stronger than Grade 80, making it the best choice for extremely heavy overhead lifting use and other extreme applications.

Are tow straps safer than chains?

As the first vehicle begins to move forward, the strap stretches and pulls the stuck vehicle free. Recovery straps are safer for this type of usage than chain, they’re easier to use and they are not nearly as heavy. Any straps that are frayed or warn increases the likelihood of breakage during a recovery.

Should you cross chains when towing?

When attaching chains to a vehicle, always cross the chains. Crossing the trailer chains aids in turning the trailer by reducing the probability of stress. It also acts as a cradle in the event of separation from the tow vehicle.

Can you use lifting chains for towing?

Yes, if the sling is tagged with its WLL you can use it for towing. You must ensure you know tow load and never exceed the WLL under any circumstances. However, once the chain sling has been used as a towing chain, the sling can not be used for lifting again. Using a manufacturer tow sling is the best option.

Are straps or chains better?

Straps are considered safer and significantly less damaging to cars, so manufacturers are beginning to look at mandating their use for new car transport. As long as the straps are used properly, they keep the vehicle just as secure as chains while mitigating the risk of damage to axles and frames.

How much weight can a 5/16 chain hold?


Trade Size In Inches Working* Load Limit Lbs. Weight per 100 Feet Lbs.
5/16 5,100 106
3/8 7,100 144
1/2 12,000 236
5/8 18,100 380

Do chains snap back?

There’s too much risk if the chain breaks and snaps back under load. Fred Whitford, director of Purdue University Pesticide Programs, says the force of a broken chain or tow strap can shatter windshields and cause serious injury. Let’s hope you don’t get stuck, but it will soon be the season of mud and more mud.

Do chains recoil?

Steel cable whips about furiously as it recoils, and chain rebounds unpredictable, eventually winding around anything in its way. All towing materials are dangerous when recoiling from a stretched condition and most can go through tractor cabs and pickup window.

Is it illegal to not cross safety chains?

(ii) If chains or cables are used as the safety device, they shall be crossed and attached to the vehicles near the points of bumper attachments to the chassis of the vehicles. The length of chain used shall be no more than nec- essary to permit free turning of the ve- hicles.

Does twisting a chain weaken it?

Interestingly, their actual breaking tests (where they pull the chain until it breaks) also show a decrease in strength as twist angle increases. However, the decrease is less than 5%. Basically, no real or worrisome decrease in strength.