What is VMware AirWatch?

What is VMware AirWatch?

AirWatch can and will monitor your GPS location 24/7/365. Part of the AirWatch enrollment process is downloading and installing the AirWatch Agent which will give your IT department access to up-to-date information on the status of your device and to ensure you’re in compliance with the IT rules for devices.

Is AirWatch a VMware product?

AirWatch, a division of virtualization vendor VMware, provides technologies that help IT administrators deploy, secure and manage mobile devices, applications and data, as well as Windows 10 and Apple Mac computers.

What is AirWatch and how IT works?

AirWatch lets associates activate devices in one simple step, without the need for iTunes, or any such software, in your environment. Once enrolled in the AirWatch console, your company’s admins can easily make changes, insure compliance and monitor the device by using the Web-based console.

What is AirWatch called now?

On February 24, 2014, the company was acquired by VMware, Inc, and the EMM product eventually was rebranded as AirWatch by VMware and then VMware AirWatch. In May 2018 the enterprise product was rebranded to VMware Workspace ONE UEM with the release of version 9.4.

What is the difference between AirWatch and workspace one?

Workspace ONE components Workspace ONE UEM (formerly known as AirWatch) provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility platform that delivers simplified access to enterprise applications, secures corporate data, and allows mobile productivity.

Can AirWatch monitor Web browsing?

We also found that most users are only interested in the “Big Four”: browsing history, text messages, pictures and personal email. It was very important to inform users that AirWatch could not monitor any of these. Keeping these considerations in mind, we created some high-fidelity prototypes.

Who founded AirWatch?

John MarshallAirWatch / Founder
AirWatch, founded in 2003, will become a unit of VMware and its 1,600 employees will continue to report to AirWatch founder and Chief Executive John Marshall. AirWatch co-founder and Chairman Alan Dabbiere will report to VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

What is UEM?

Workspace ONE UEM is a single solution for modern, over-the-air management of desktops, mobile, rugged, wearables, and IoT. Deliver unprecedented levels process automation, unrivaled device and application management, and enterprise level security at every level.

What is VMware ws1?

VMware Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables you to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere.

Can AirWatch spy on you?

Absolutely not! The AirWatch service is not spy-ware. It is a tool to help both you and the university protect important or confidential data. It does not give us the capability access and view data on your mobile device.