What is the word opposite of verbose?

What is the word opposite of verbose?

Diffuse, long-winded, prolix, redundant, windy, repetitive, rambling, and circumlocutory are some that come to mind. Want to express the opposite idea? Try succinct, concise, brief, short, summary, terse, compact, or compendious.

What is the synonym and antonym of verbose?

verbose. Antonyms: curt, laconic, succinct, terse, concise. Synonyms: windy, prolix, prosy, tedious.

What are some synonyms for verbose?

synonyms for verbose

  • bombastic.
  • circumlocutory.
  • diffuse.
  • flowery.
  • full of air.
  • fustian.
  • gabby.
  • garrulous.

What is the opposite of exceptionalism?

Opposite of uncommon so as to form an exception. common. normal. typical. usual.

Is Terse the opposite of verbose?

Antonyms of verbose. The best two for your question are terse and curt, although the latter had a decided negative connotation of rudeness.

What verbosity mean?

Definition of verbosity : the quality or state of being verbose or wordy : the use of too many words So his wife’s good-natured jab about his verbosity comes as no surprise, nor did it when an impromptu conversation with him Monday afternoon stretched so long it nearly made me late to pick up my kids from daycare.—

What is squalid antonym?

squalid. Antonyms: wholesome, cleanly, tended, trim, tidy. Synonyms: foul, dirty, untended, filthy, nasty, unclean, mucky, poverty-stricken.

Which word is the best antonym for precariously?

OPPOSITES FOR precarious

  • secure.
  • reliable.
  • safe.
  • well-founded.

What is the opposite of the word recede?

recede. Antonyms: approach, advance, flow, proceed. Synonyms: retire, withdraw, retreat, retrograde, return, ebb.

Which word is the opposite of excellent and wonderful?

What is the opposite of excellent?

terrible poor
ordinary unexceptional
abysmal appalling
indistinguished common
detestable disastrous

What is the closest antonym for the word oblivious?

antonyms for oblivious

  • attentive.
  • aware.
  • concerned.
  • conscious.
  • mindful.
  • sensitive.
  • understanding.