What is the story behind Behind Her Eyes?

What is the story behind Behind Her Eyes?

To spoil the divisive twist: The book follows a London receptionist named Louise, who becomes romantically entangled with her psychiatrist boss, David, while secretly befriending his enigmatic wife, Adele.

Is Behind Her Eyes worth watching?

Don’t get me wrong—It’s a marital discord story that completely sucks you in to its bananas narrative that builds and builds until you’re eyes-peeled reveling in not one but two gut-punch twist endings. It’s not art, but this six-episode series is totally worth staying up late on a school night for.

Is Behind Her Eyes still on Netflix?

Behind Her Eyes is available to stream on Netflix after it was released on February 17th, 2021.

How did Adele get black eye in Behind Her Eyes?

She tells David her black eye came from a cupboard door and that it’s her own fault. David tells Adele he can’t look after her anymore and she says, “We share something that we can never tell anyone … You know you can never leave me, David.” It is just the two of them in the room.

What’s wrong with the wife in Behind Her Eyes?

It’s ultimately revealed that the Adele we’re seeing on screen is actually Rob, and that the two switched bodies by astral projecting earlier. Where’s the real Adele, then? Well, she died stuck in Rob’s body, when Rob killed her while she was in his body by injecting her with a lethal dose of heroin.

How scary is Behind Her Eyes?

Is Behind Her Eyes scary? Behind Her Eyes isn’t a horror, but it is a psychological thriller, meaning that there are definitely some spooky elements to it. Speaking about the show, Tom Bateman – who plays David – told Heart.co.uk: “I think they [the viewers] can expect the unexpected.

Is Behind Her Eyes gory?

There are episodes with no violence at all, and others with visuals of a drug overdose, suicide, and a deadly fire. Main characters die under suspicious circumstances, and are frequently in mortal danger. Supernatural powers play a part in the plot; expect danger from otherworldly sources.

Is Behind Her Eyes finished?

Did Louise die at the end of Behind Her Eyes? Technically, yes, Louise’s soul/mind/personality/spirit perished inside Adele’s body via heroin overdose/smoke inhalation. But Louise’s body is still alive and kicking, with Rob’s impostor soul/mind/personality thriving inside it.

Does David know Robin in Adele’s body?

He went from not being in love with her, to hating her. “Even in real life, sometimes people fall out of love with each other.” Most have suggested David had sensed a significant change in Adele, but he never found out who she really was.

What happens at the end of Behind Her Eyes book?

Behind Her Eyes ends with Louise being tricked by Adele/Rob to astral project herself, during which Adele/Rob takes over Louise’ body forcing Louise to enter Adele/Rob’s body—ultimately killing the real Louise.

Who Killed Rob in Behind Her Eyes?

Rob injects himself with enough heroin so that once Adele’s soul is inside his body, she is immobilized and trapped within his flesh vessel forever. Then, Rob-as-Adele shoots up Rob’s body with more heroin, causing Rob’s body to overdose with Adele’s soul inside, killing both Rob’s physical body and Adele’s soul.

What is behind her eyes about?

Behind Her Eyes: A dark psychological thriller series which segues into horror so smoothly that you hardly notice it happening/ The plot at first seems a bit too hackneyed – a psychiatrist’s secretary, Louise, has an affair with her employer, David, and becomes best friends with his wife, Adele, at the same time.

Who plays Adele in behind her eyes?

The Knick’s Eve Hewson – daughter of U2 front man Bono – plays Adele and Robert Aramayo, who played a young Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, also stars. Robert will also be starring in Amazon Prime’s highly-anticipated Lord of the Rings series. What did other authors say about ‘Behind Her Eyes’ when it was published in 2017?

Where is behind her eyes filmed and set?

The show was filmed in various locations around England, including London and Brighton, with some scene also being shot in Scotland. Netflix is ramping up production in the UK, in a bid to make shows that can play locally and across its global service. Is there a trailer for Behind Her Eyes?

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