What is the Kamenstein perfect tear paper towel holder?

What is the Kamenstein perfect tear paper towel holder?

The Kamenstein Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder was designed for a true one-handed tear, every single time never worrying about tearing off an entire roll of paper towels for an emergency clean-up.

How does the’perfect Tear technology’work?

The holder’s patented ‘Perfect Tear Technology’ features an ingenious ratchet system that prevents rolls from unraveling and allows you to effortlessly tear one piece at a time, single-handedly. The ratchet creates slight resistance, making it easier to pull and tear.

How do you use a Kamenstein paper towel roller?

EASY TO USE: in most cases, paper towel rolls simply slide on and off the roller, without having to remove the finial EASY TO MOUNT: the Kamenstein Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder is easy to mount horizontal under a cabinet or vertical on the wall and mounting hardware is included.

Are Kamenstein spice racks any good?

An American tradition for over a century, the Kamenstein® name assures quality kitchen and pantry accessories. Their spice racks are designed for today’s lifestyles, and come stocked with the finest spices, packed in the USA in our own spice bottling facility.

How much does a Kamenstein salt grinder weigh?

Product Weight: 0.47lb. This Kamenstein Battery-Operated Grinder with salt comes prefilled and ready to add flavor to any dish. Simply press the button on the top to grind the perfect amount of salt every time. Made from durable stainless steel to withstand everyday use.

Is there a salt and pepper grinder set with a refill?

This Dual Plastic Salt and Pepper Grinder Set is a perfect addition to an everyday cook’s kitchen. You can make your recipes burst with the gourmet flavor of fresh ground salt and pepper with this beautiful contemporary stainless steel and glass grinder set with bonus peppercorn refill jar.