What is the best website to book train tickets in Europe?

What is the best website to book train tickets in Europe?

In most cases, the best way to purchase European train tickets is through a third-party booking website like Omio or Trainline. These services are much more user-friendly than booking directly through each country’s national rail service.

How can I get cheap train tickets in Europe?

How to buy cheap train tickets in Europe

  1. Book return journeys – you could save money by booking both your outward and return journey at the same time.
  2. Use a Railcard – in most countries in Europe you’ll find different versions of a national Railcard that can save you money on rail fares.

Is Rail Europe legitimate?

Anything that calls itself Rail Europe, Rail Plus, Eurail, Eurorail or similar should be avoided like the plague. They are third party resellers and although they may be ‘legit’ it is by far the most expensive way to buy train tickets in Europe.

Are German trains cheap?

What is the cheapest Deutsche Bahn fare? Sparpreis is the cheapest fare type, offering up to 85% off a full-price ticket. This fare is very popular, so be sure to book well in advance to get a Sparpreis ticket.

What is the difference between Eurail and RailEurope?

Eurail is the name of the consortium that works with all the national rail companies to create the Eurail train pass. Rail Europe is an official reseller of the tickets and passes that Eurail creates. Interrail is the same pass but for Europeans only; Eurail/Rail Europe is for non-Europeans.

Does Eurorail have Wi-Fi?

The perks. Traveling first class usually means spacious, comfortable seats, amenities such as USB-ports, free Wi-Fi and – in some cases – complimentary drinks and meals. Sometimes the perks of traveling first class even start before boarding the train, with access to lounges and priority check-in.

How to pay for train tickets in Europe?

Same prices as the railways – sometimes even cheaper. All train tickets in Europe! 65,000 destinations and counting. All rail passes in Europe: Swiss Travel Pass, Eurail Pass, BritRail Pass and more rail passes. Pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Alipay, Sofort etc. Book your train tickets in 2 minutes!

Why are there so many train trips in Europe?

If you already read our article The Top 10 Most Incredible Train Trips in the World, you probably noticed that a lot of these amazing train trips are in Europe. Why is that? Well, Europe has a massive train network used not only for daily commutes but also for travel between European countries.

Which trains in Europe require a seat reservation?

Some trains in Europe require a seat reservation, most commonly in France, Italy, and Spain.

Where is the cheapest place in Europe to travel by train?

In general, Italy is relatively cheap for train travel, as is the Czech Republic. Germany and Switzerland are fairly expensive, so the total trip is pretty representative of what you’ll find in Europe. The table below outlines our trip.