What is nanosleep in linux?

What is nanosleep in linux?

DESCRIPTION top. nanosleep() suspends the execution of the calling thread until either at least the time specified in *req has elapsed, or the delivery of a signal that triggers the invocation of a handler in the calling thread or that terminates the process.

Where is Nanosleep defined?

Definition of nanosleep: It is defined in time. h header file. Both request and remaining are two addresses of type struct timespec.

Is Nanosleep accurate?

However, because of the details of how the Linux kernel works, the actual precision provided by nanosleep is 10 milliseconds—still better than that afforded by sleep. This additional precision can be useful, for instance, to schedule frequent operations with short time intervals between them.

How do I interrupt Nanosleep?

If you want to interrupt the sleep you simply send a character to the write side of the pipe. This solution provides a much more fine-grained solution and doesn’t require global signal handlers and horrible side-effects. It’s also susceptible to interruption and requires the same EINTR restart logic as mentioned above.

Is Nanosleep a system call?

Linux provides a system call, nanosleep(2) , that in theory can provide nanosecond-level granularity, that is, a sleep of a single nanosecond. (Well, in practice, the granularity will also depend on the resolution of the hardware timer chip on the board.)

What is sleep function C?

The function sleep gives a simple way to make the program wait for a short interval. The sleep function waits for seconds seconds or until a signal is delivered, whichever happens first. If sleep returns because the requested interval is over, it returns a value of zero.

How is Nanosleep implemented?

The typical way to implement sleep() and nanosleep() is to convert the argument into whatever scale the OS’s scheduler uses (while rounding up) and add the current time to it to form an “absolute wake up time”; then tell the scheduler not to give the thread CPU time until after that “absolute wake up time” has been …

What is Nanosleep in C?

Use the nanosleep Function to Suspend Program Execution With High-Resolution Timer in C. nanosleep is a POSIX compliant system call for suspending the program execution for the given amount of fixed time period.

What does wait () do in C?

A call to wait() blocks the calling process until one of its child processes exits or a signal is received. After child process terminates, parent continues its execution after wait system call instruction.