What is F10SC disinfectant?

What is F10SC disinfectant?

F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant is a highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant used in many veterinary surgeries, kennels and catteries. F10 SC is broad spectrum and effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.

How do you use F10SC disinfectant?

For general disinfection/cleaning use, dilute at 1:250 (1ml of F10SC to 250ml of water). Suitable for mopping floors and cleaning general areas. For hand sanitization use, dilute at 1:100 (10ml of F10SC to 1000ml of water). Spray onto hands and rub thoroughly.

What is the difference between F10SC and F10SC XD?

F10SC XD is the same as F10SC Disinfectant in terms of performance, but contains additional surfactants that allow the one-step cleaning and disinfection of lightly soiled surfaces that may be necessary in certain instances.

How do you dilute F10SC?

The recommended dilution rates of F10SC are:

  1. General disinfection at 1:500 (2ml in 1 liter of water)
  2. High level disinfection against bacteria, fungi and most viruses at 1:250 (4ml to 1 liter of water)
  3. For use against the most resistant viruses such as Parvovirus or PBFD at 1:125 (8ml in 1 liter or water)

What type of disinfectant is safe 4?

Safe4 Ready to Use Disinfectant Spray 500ml is a top quality ready diluted spray for all your cleaning requirements. Made without harmful phenols, aldehydes or alcohol, this disinfectant spray is completely safe with animal contact and is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-irritant.

How do I use F10SCXD?

How to use:

  1. For normal disinfection, use at a dilution rate of 1:500 (2ml per litre of water)
  2. For high level disinfection against bacteria, fungi and most viruses, use at 1:250 (4ml per litre of water)
  3. For use against resistant viruses egg parvovirus or PBFD, use at 1:125 (8ml per litre of water)

How do you sanitize a barn?

It is very important to let everything dry. This can be the longest part of the process. Once this has been completed, create a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water and spray each stall with it. Once that has been done, clean each stall and the rest of the barn with the proper disinfectants of your choice.

Is F10 antiviral?

In Australia, F10SC is registered by the APVMA for use in animal production and housing facilities and is approved by AQIS for use in food export processing as a non-rinse disinfectant….The benefits of using F10SC include:

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What type of disinfectant is Virkon?

Virkon is a commercial disinfectant consisting of a balanced, stabilised blend of peroxygen compounds, surfactant, organic acids and an inorganic buffer system and is widely used within the Institute.

What is Safe4 used for?

Safe4 Disinfectant Cleaner can be applied to hard surfaces including preparation areas, work surfaces, shelving, tables, bars and counters, sinks, tiles etc (Use hot soapy water to remove grease and any remaining food or dirt before using Safe4 Disinfectant.)