What is extended essay format?

What is extended essay format?

The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper. You can also read about how the IB sets deadlines for the extended essay, find examples of extended essay titles from previous DP students and learn about the world studies extended essay.

How do you write an extended essay for history?

These are the essential steps to writing a successful History Extended Essay:Chose a topic.Gather resources.Begin to research.Narrow the topic and formulate a research question.Conduct more focused research.Create an outline.Write the first draft.Edit the draft in line with the feedback you have received.

How long does it take to write an extended essay?

Recommendations. The IBO recommends that candidates spend approximately 40 hours in total on their extended essays, and if you put it off until that last weekend, your work won’t be nearly as good as it can be.

What is an extended introduction?

Extended Essay Introduction The research question must be clearly and precisely stated in the introduction. The research question is the central question you are trying to answer through your research and writing of the extended essay. The game plan briefly explains how you intend to answer the research question.

How much is the extended essay out of?

The Extended Essay (EE) is a research paper of up to 4000 words for the International Baccalaureate (IB), giving students an opportunity to conduct independent research or investigation on a topic that interests them.

How many pages is the extended essay?

The body of your EE should make up the bulk of the essay. It should be about eight to 18 pages long (again, depending on your topic).

How do you write a business and management extended essay?

Introduction (Approx. 250 words)Tell us what organization(s) you’re researching and what these companies do.Tell us what you’ll be exploring and how (very briefly).Provide some context for your question. Tell us your research question again and explain to us why it is important to answer.

How do you write a business management essay?

THE STRUCTURE OF A MANAGEMENT ESSAYIntroduction. Quickly introduces the topic of the paper and its importance. Briefly discussed the aspects of the topic under analysis. Body paragraphs. First argument. Introduction of the first argument (topic sentence) Conclusion. Quickly restates the main points of body paragraphs.

How do you make an EE question?

A research question will provide a path to guide you through your research and writing.Choose your subject area. Choose a topic that interests you. Suggest a question. Evaluate your question. Restate your question using a different command term. Review with your supervisor. Reflection.