What is CANbus on Harley?

What is CANbus on Harley?

CANsmart™ Controller Our ground-breaking Harley-Davidson CANbus controller provides plug & play connection and intelligent control of aftermarket and genuine Harley-Davidson accessories right from your bikes original switches or our Accessory Manager Software.

What year did Harley switch to CAN bus?

2012 – Switchback Despite what some people think, Harley-Davidson does change with the times, and in 2011 updated the Softail bikes to the more modern CAN BUS system of wiring.

What year did Harley go to CAN bus?

on Harley-Davidson Dyna, Softail and Sportster with electrical system in Can Bus from 2011 -2020. The replacement of the original handlebar’s controls is plug and play.

What is a blink Sync module?

What is a Sync Module? The Sync Module is an integral part of a Blink system, allowing Blink devices to stay online. It must be plugged in to a power supply and connected to an active 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi internet connection at all times.

Why did Harley-Davidson make the Sportster?

For you kids just joining us, Harley-Davidson created the Sportster in the face of growing competition from import companies making smaller-displacement bikes. Riders in the 1950s and 1960s had a hankerin’ for small to midsize machines.

How much does the blink mini cost?

Starting at $34.99 Mini is a great first step towards keeping your home more secure. Hear, see, and speak right from the Blink Home Monitor app on your phone and get alerts whenever motion is detected. Connect Blink Outdoor, Indoor, or Mini to select Alexa-enabled devices for voice commands at home.

What is the Blink home Monitor app?

The Blink Home Monitor app connects your home to your phone so you can help protect what matters most. With multi-system support, you can use Blink to help watch over your home, vacation home, or business all at the same time. Plus, control multiple Blink systems in one app.