What is an Aircast for foot?

What is an Aircast for foot?

This is a short boot that provides support and protection to the foot and ankle while allowing you to walk. It contains padded air cells that provide compression and help circulation. It is used for both foot and ankle injuries – both sprains and minor fractures.

How long should you wear a foot brace?

In most cases, patients wear a foot or ankle splint/brace for four to eight weeks. Your doctor also gives you instructions on how to care for your foot or ankle while it’s in the splint. Common instructions include keeping the splint clean and dry, elevating the limb and applying ice to reduce swelling and pain.

How long does an Aircast last?

When treating a sprain, the Air-Stirrup splint should be worn whenever walking for at least four weeks, or as long as you continue to have ankle pain. You should continue to wear it at least 6 weeks whenever running, playing sports or any activity where there is increased risk of re-injury.

Can you sleep with a foot brace on?

Should ankle braces be worn while sleeping? No, unless your medical professional recommends you do so.

Can you wear sandals with an AFO brace?

But, How Do You Wear Sandals With AFOs/Orthotics? With a little creativity and perseverance, many leg brace and orthotic users can wear open toe shoes and sandals.

How does an ankle brace protect the ankle?

To Limit Ankle Movement One of the essential things which an ankle brace does is to limit the range of motion.

  • To decrease swelling It is common to swell the affected area during an ankle sprain. Because of the inflammation in the surrounding tissue,this sometimes happens.
  • To stop accidental damage
  • Where can you buy ankle braces?

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    Should I wear ankle braces?

    Some Support When Needed. An ankle brace is an assistive and/or protective device made of stretchy or stiff fabric that features metal or plastic supports.

  • The Pain of the Sprain. The dominant ankle sprain is an inversion injury,where your ankle rolls toward the sole of the foot,causing pain.
  • A Matter of Days or Weeks.
  • Avoid Future Injuries.
  • Do ankle braces weaken your ankle?

    The good news is yes. Hinged ankle braces that allow full unrestricted up and down ankle range of motion will not weaken the ankle. These braces have a hinge on each side of the ankle bone which allows the brace to move with the ankle, not against it like with lace-ups.