What is a contiguous piled wall?

What is a contiguous piled wall?

Contiguous pile walls consist of piles arranged in a line typically with a 150mm gap between the piles. Where required the soil between the piles can be stabilised using grouting techniques if necessary, either before or after pile installation.

What is contiguous piling construction?

Contiguous piling is a way of creating a retaining wall by inserting a row of augured piles that almost touch one another. The most common ways of inserting an augured pile are either: to bore a hole with continuous steel sections, which can then be removed and the hole filled with concrete, or.

What is Secant pile wall?

A secant pile wall consists of overlapping (secant) piles to form structural or cutoff walls and achieve the required water tightness. The design can incorporate steel bar or beams for reinforcement and anchors can provide additional lateral support, if needed.

When would you use a secant pile wall?

Secant walls are frequently used to as an alternative to Diaphragm walls where obstructions are anticipated, or in urban basement projects where space is limited.

How do you waterproof piles?

Example 1 – Waterproofing of Pile Head and Ground Beam

  1. Slurry coat the piles with Vandex Super 1.5 kg/m2 applied in two coats.
  2. Dry sprinkle Vandex Super at the rate of 1.2 kg/m2 to the blinding concrete prior to the concrete pour.
  3. Apply Vandex Expaseal circular around the piles in the middle of the slab.

What is a contiguous pile wall?

Contiguous piled walls consist of a row of successive unconnected cast-in-situ concrete piles constructed with small gaps between the adjacent piles, formed using CFA or rotary bored piles (replacement piles techniques).

Is it possible to build a wall between two piles?

However, the contiguous wall (with a gap between the piles) usually renders unsuitable for structures retaining fine granular soils with a high water table, soft clay and weak organic soils due loss of fines between the piles. Unsuitable in hard clay and hard rocks.

What are Secant pile walls?

Secant pile walls rely on the interlocking or overlapping arrangement of piles to achieve a higher level of soil retention than contiguous or soldier pile systems.

Are contiguous piles suitable for waterproofing?

However, from a waterproofing perspective, contiguous piles are not, and should not be considered as a tight structure. Therefore, relying solely on the application of a cavity drainage system on the piles is not recommended.