What does Airware mean?

What does Airware mean?

(vā′pər-wâr′) New software that has been announced or marketed but has not been produced.

Who owns Airware?

The company that acquired Airware’s assets is called Delair. It’s a French company that has received significant investment from Intel Capital (both parties would not disclose the financial terms, but experts peg the investment in the eight-figure range).

What is Nest Airwave mean?

Airwave learns exactly how much cooling can be done with the compressor off. It automatically shuts off your compressor at the right time to help maximize your savings. Your Nest thermostat automatically turns on Airwave when interior humidity falls below a certain level.

What is Nest Airwave?

Nest Airwave is a feature for the Nest Thermostat to save you energy when running your air conditioning. The airwave feature on the Nest Thermostat sends a signal to your AC compressor to turn off but keeps the HVAC blower on to keep circulating air past the cold interior coil to keep cooling.

What is Nest sunblock?

Sunblock uses the Nest thermostat’s built-in light sensor to track the sun’s patterns and its temperature sensors to detect the heat spikes that occur in direct sunlight. Sunblock then uses all this information to set your Nest thermostat to the correct temperature whenever it’s in direct sunlight.

What does spinning fan mean on Nest?

If you see a spinning fan on the Nest thermostat display, it means that the fan is still on.

What does swirl mean on Nest?

When the interior humidity falls below a certain level, your thermostat will turn on Airwave. This is the optimal level for your home. You can see a blue swirl when airwave is active. There is a display on your thermostat.

What is a Nest Leaf?

icon appears on your thermostat (and in the Home app or Nest app) to tell you when your thermostat is set to an energy-saving temperature. The Leaf encourages you to choose energy-saving temperatures that are a little lower or higher than what you’ve set in the past. Nest Thermostat.