What Beatles song was the first song to use a backwards recording?

What Beatles song was the first song to use a backwards recording?

The Beatles first stumbled across what is called ‘backmasking’ – recording a message backwards onto a track – when they were making their Rubber Soul album in 1965. Influenced by the techniques of musique concrète, they featured a backmasked line in Rain, a single released in 1966.

What Beatles song do you play backwards?

“Backmasking” started with The Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver. John Lennon said one night while smoking pot, he mistakenly played the tapes for the song “Rain” in reverse and liked the sound. So the band began recording messages in Revolver that could only be deciphered when the record was played backwards.

What does John Lennon say backwards in Rain?

The backwards vocals are Lennon singing the lyrics of the song: “When the sun shines”, “Rain”, and “If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads.” Both Lennon and producer George Martin claimed credit for the idea.

Which was the first Beatles song to feature backwards vocals?

The song’s recording contains a slowed-down rhythm track, a droning bass line and backwards vocals….Rain (Beatles song)

Released 30 May 1966
Recorded 14 & 16 April 1966
Studio EMI, London
Genre Psychedelic rock

What does John Lennon say at the end of Free as a bird?

turned out nice again
Towards the end of the track, this version also contains a clip of Lennon stating the phrase “turned out nice again” (George Formby’s catchphrase) played forward—which was played backwards in the original mix of the song.

Why is backwards music creepy?

Our brain uses the wave shape and variations in volume and other aspects of a sound to extract musical information. When it’s listened in reverse the lack of familiarity with the sound structure makes it sound “odd”, “scary”, “demonic”.

What happens if you play a record backwards?

Backmasked words are unintelligible noise when played forward, but when played backwards are clear speech. Listening to backmasked audio with most turntables requires disengaging the drive and rotating the album by hand in reverse (though some can play records backwards).

Why is no song on Revolver no longer than 3 00 in length?

The Beatles contract with their label EMI expired during the making of ‘Revolver’, meaning they weren’t actually under contract while recording the album. Just two tracks on the album are longer than three minutes – and only by a few seconds.

How many Beatles songs mention weather?

Over 900 songwriters or singers have written or sung about weather – and The Beatles are among the most prolific, researchers from Oxford and Southampton Universities found. Out of 308 songs penned by the Fab Four, 48 (16 per cent) make reference to the weather.

Did John Lennon write mind games?

“Mind Games” is a song written and performed by John Lennon, released as a single in 1973 on Apple Records. It was the lead single for the album of the same name. The UK single and album were issued simultaneously on November 16, 1973.

What Beatle album is Rain on?

Hey JudeRain (Remastered 2009) / Album