What are Trk receptors?

What are Trk receptors?

Trk receptors are a family of tyrosine kinases that regulates synaptic strength and plasticity in the mammalian nervous system. Trk receptors affect neuronal survival and differentiation through several signaling cascades.

What are the benefits of teeptrak systems?

The installation of TEEPTRAK systems allows an average increase in OEE of 5% to 20% to be obtained. We will issue you an administrator account allowing you to create an unlimited number of user accounts, having their own access to the supervision site and to the tablets.

What happens when a neurotrophin binds to a trk receptor?

Each type of neurotrophin has different binding affinity toward its corresponding Trk receptor. The activation of Trk receptors by neurotrophin binding may lead to activation of signal cascades resulting in promoting survival and other functional regulation of cells.

How does p75 NTR regulate Trk receptors?

Regulation by p75NTR. Apart from affecting the affinity and specificity for Trk receptors, the P75 neurotrophin receptor (P75NTR) can also reduce ligand-induced receptor ubiquitination, and delay receptor internalization and degradation.