What are semi-precision attachments?

What are semi-precision attachments?

A Semi-Precision attachment is fabricated by the direct casting of plastic, wax, or refractory patterns. They are considered “semi-precision” since in their fabrication they are subject to inconsistent water/powder ratios, burn out temperatures and other variables.

What is semi attachment?

Partially attached or united; partially bound by affection, interest, or special preference of any kind.

How is an overdenture supported in the mouth?

An overdenture, as its name implies, is designed to go over a supporting structure. This could be natural teeth, but more often dental implants are used. In the upper jaw, the supporting structure for an overdenture is generally a metal frame anchored by three or more implants.

Is a locator a semi precision attachment?

This procedure is the initial placement, or replacement, of a semi-precision abutment on the implant body. This is the male piece of an implant locator. This procedure involves the luting of the initial, or replacement, semi-precision attachment to the removable prosthesis.

What is better partial or bridge?

Can treat multiple missing teeth – Bridges are limited to replacing one or more adjacent missing teeth. Partial dentures, on the other hand, can replace multiple teeth that are not next to each other. If you are missing multiple teeth on different sides of your mouth, they may be a better option for you.

What is the meaning of semi detached house?

A semi-detached house is a house that is joined to another house on one side by a shared wall.

What is a precision attachment?

A precision attachment is a precision-machined male and female (key and lock) housing that connects a removable partial denture to fixed bridgework. The female part of the attachment is soldered to fixed crowns or bridgework the male part is attached to the partial denture.

What is dental precision attachment?

In dentistry, precision attachments are the functional mechanical parts of the removable partial denture made of plastic, metal or a combination of both.

What is a precision partial denture?

Precision dentures is an advanced denture treatment where you can customize your denture appliance, and they can be used to replace missing teeth instead of a dental bridge. Precision partial dentures are similar to traditional partial dentures in that the appliance attaches to your natural teeth.