How to unblock Ziraat card?

How to unblock Ziraat card?

When you wish to remove the access barrier, just call our Customer Services at 0850 220 00 00.

How do I activate Ziraat Onay?

After logging into Ziraat Mobile application with SMS, you can set your security option as Ziraat Onay from the Security Settings menu. During your next access to Ziraat Mobile, you can log in by keying only your internet banking password.

How can I send money to Ziraat Bank?

To Send Money (Transfer) via Western Union in Branches

  1. Visit your nearest branch of Ziraat Bank among the more than 1.700 countrywide and fill in a Send Money form.
  2. Submit your form with the amount to be sent and the service charge to the branch representative.

What is the swift code for Ziraat Bankasi?

The SWIFT code (BIC code) of our bank’s General Directorate is TCZBTR2A.

What is the customer number in Ziraat Bank?

00 00 – 0850 220 00 00
Call the Customer Services Center immediately on 444 00 00 – 0850 220 00 00.

How can I get my Internet banking password?

Click on the ‘Forgot password’ link in the site and provide the requested information. A new password will be sent to your registered address within 5 working days.

How can I use Ziraat Bank ATM?

Enter the mobile phone number registered in the system and TR Identification Number. The existing Bankkarts will be listed on the screen, and after the selection of the card to be used in the transaction and the enterance of the card password,a code will be sent to the customer’s mobile phone via SMS.

What is Ziraat bank account number?

Ziraat Bank example for Turkey

Ziraat Bank IBAN in print format TR33 0006 1005 1978 6457 8413 26
ISO Country Code TR
Checksum 33
Bank Code 00061
Account Number 0519786457841326

Is Bankasi SWIFT code?


Bank name
Country Turkey

What bank is Ziraat bank?

Ziraat Bank is a state-owned bank in Turkey founded in 1863….Ziraat Bank.

Revenue ₺24.554 billion (2018)
Operating income ₺10.034 billion (2018)
Net income ₺7.961 billion (2018)
Total assets ₺537.156 billion (2018)