How much does a quickie salsa m2 weigh?

How much does a quickie salsa m2 weigh?

Detailed Specifications

Drives Wheels 13in Pneumatic
Arm Rests Fully Adjustable & Flip Up
Adjustable Seat Fully Adjustable
User Weight 22st / 140kg
Castors 8in solid

How do you charge a quickie power chair?

How to Charge Your Power Wheelchair Batteries

  1. Position your power wheelchair next to a standard electrical outlet.
  2. Be certain the controller power is turned off and the motorized wheelchair is in drive mode.
  3. Plug the off-board charger into the off-board charger/programming socket on the controller.

Can you manually push an electric wheelchair?

Your electric wheelchair is equipped with a manual freewheel lever mounted on each motor. They are easily identifiable by their bright yellow tip. These levers allow you to disengage the drive motors so that you can push the chair manually.

How much does a quickie power wheelchair weigh?

250 lbs.

Quickie Pulse 6 power wheelchair with captain seat
Drive Wheel Position Mid Wheel Drive
Overall Wheelchair Weight Pulse 6 CC: 250 lbs.
Overall Wheelchair Width 24″
Turning Radius 19″

Can you overcharge an electric wheelchair?

Facts: As long as you use the provided charger, you CANNOT overcharge these batteries. The provided charger has a built-in safety feature that prevents overcharging.

Do electric wheelchairs go in reverse?

While many different drive control options can be utilized, most electric wheelchairs operate via a joystick. The joystick allows for easy front and reverse driving, as well moving to the left and right.

Can you use an electric wheelchair in the rain?

The answer to this in most cases is no, electric wheelchairs are not usually designed to be used in wet conditions. With that said, most electric wheelchairs will be splash resistant and will be fine if you get caught in a light shower, or accidentally run through a puddle.

How much does a quickie pulse 6 weight?

Sunrise Quickie Pulse 6

Product Weight 235lbs+ w/batteries
Weight Capacity 300lbs
Grade Angle
Seat Width 12” – 22”
Seat Depth Adj 12”-22”