How much does a 5 drawer lateral file cabinet weigh?

How much does a 5 drawer lateral file cabinet weigh?

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This item 30″ W Premium Lateral File Cabinet, 5 Drawer, Putty 36″W Premium Lateral File Cabinet, 5 Drawer, Putty
Item Dimensions 18 x 30 x 64.5 inches 18 x 36 x 64.5 inches
Item Weight 205.00 lbs 242.00 lbs
Material Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Number of Drawers 5 5

How heavy is a 5 drawer file cabinet?

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Name HON 5-Drawer 26.5″ Deep Vertical File Cabinet, Letter Size
Model 315P
Manufacturer HON
Product Weight 137
Warranty Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

How many files fit in a lateral file cabinet?

Lateral files can have as few as two and as many as seven drawers, with most two drawer units being low profile enough to fit underneath a work surface. Vertical files have narrow but deep drawers, usually measuring 15″-20″ wide.

What are the advantages of lateral filing?

Documents can lay flat in the file for easy photo-coping, without having to remove the documents. Different types of files for different uses. Easy identification with colour coding labels. The folder is lighter, easier to carry and retrieve from top shelves.

Why are filing cabinets so heavy?

Some file cabinets are built to be fireproof. Such cabinets are heavier because their walls are built with special encapsulated chambers filled with vermiculite (a lightweight, highly water-absorbent clay mineral) and several gallons of water.

Are filing cabinets heavy?

So how heavy is a file cabinet? File cabinets weigh 92.92 pounds (42.14kg) when empty and 242.26 pounds (109.88kg) when full. Larger file cabinets that have 4 or more drawers will weigh the most at 175.5 pounds (79.6kg) when empty.

How much does a fully loaded filing cabinet weigh?