How far is Hyderabad Airport from railway station?

How far is Hyderabad Airport from railway station?

The total straight line distance between Hyderabad Airport and Hyderabad Railway Station is 17 KM (kilometers) and 300 meters. The miles based distance from Hyderabad Airport to Hyderabad Railway Station is 10.7 miles.

Which station is near to Hyderabad airport?

Looking for an insight related to the nearest railway station to Hyderabad Airport? It is Falaknuma railway station, situated at about 11 km away and it is going to take in maximum 15 to 20 minutes in covering this distance.

How do I get from Hyderabad airport to railway station?

To reach the nearest railway station (Secunderabad Railway Station) you have the following options:

  1. Bus. You can take Pushpak Airport Liner from Hyderabad Airport to Secunderabad.
  2. Taxi. Book a taxi from Hyderabad Airport to Secunderabad Railway Station from Rs 778.
  3. Rideshare.
  4. Taxi.
  5. Rideshare.

How far is Hyderabad Airport from City?

Origin Hyderabad City
Destination Hyderabad Airport
Driving Distance 24 kms or 14.9 miles or 13 nautical miles
Driving Time 28 minutes

Does Hyderabad metro go to airport?

The metro system does not go directly to the airport terminal since it is such a long distance from Hyderabad. However, an extension from Falaknuma to the airport is being considered during Phase II of construction.

Is auto allowed in Hyderabad Airport?

You can pick an auto rickshaw anywhere! They are also located outside Hyderabad Airport even it is not really recommended to pick one if you carry heavy or voluminous baggage as you won’t have any space to place your baggage and isn’t the safest way of transport too.

Does Hyderabad airport have metro?

The 31-km long Airport Metro link will connect Raidurg to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) via eight metro stations proposed at Bio-Diversity Junction, Nanakramguda, Narsingi, TS Police Academy, Rajendranagar, Shamshabad, Airport Cargo and Airport Terminal.

Can we sleep in Hyderabad Airport?

At Airport Airport Lodge – Located at the Public Transportation Centre area of the airport, the Airport Lodge offers dormitory-style lodging and private rooms, exclusive rooms for ladies (on request), shower facilities (r. 100 / 30 minutes), luggage storage, cafeteria, and 24-hour security. Dorms have lockers.

How many airport are there in Hyderabad?


Sl. No. Location Operator
1 Shamshabad GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited
Closed airports
2 Begumpet Airports Authority of India
3 Warangal Airports Authority of India