How do you usually spend your holidays ielts?

How do you usually spend your holidays ielts?

What do you do in your holidays? Sometimes I travel to broaden my horizons, to admire the beauty of nature and to plunge myself into the picturesque landscape in other regions in my country. Every now and then, I just stay at home with my family and have a little get-together to celebrate the holidays.

Do vacations make you happier?

For the study, researchers from Washington State University surveyed 500 Taiwanese adults and found that those who traveled several times a year at least 75 miles from home were 7% happier than those who rarely traveled. Happiness is typically measured by how satisfied a person is with the way that their life is going.

What do you do on vacations?

7 Fun Activities To Do On Any Vacation

  • Be Mesmerized at the Museum. If have an appreciation for art and history or want to incorporate some education into your next adventure, then go to the museum for the day, or two, or three.
  • Get Sporty at Sea.
  • Hit up The Amusement Park.
  • Explore on Foot.
  • Hire a Bike.
  • Shop Till You Drop.
  • Eat Like the Locals.

What can I learn during holidays?

Learn something new. Try taking up a new hobby. Make reading a hobby. Practice how to write thank-you notes.

What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited ielts?

But, the Akshardham Temple in Delhi is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. One can’t stop praising the craftsmanship involved in the carving of stones.

How you spend your holiday paragraph?

Instead of going anywhere for trip, I decided to spend my time usefully by joining painting classes. I and my cousins spent our morning in painting classes and by afternoon, we played in outdoors without any care about the scorching sun. I spent my evenings in helping my mother and grandma for cooking.

What should I do over summer break?

10 things to do during your summer break

  • 10 things to do during your summer break. Start your vacation with new activities and enjoy your summer to the fullest.
  • Take matters into your own hands… and create something from scratch! Pottery.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Alors on danse…
  • Create a herbarium.
  • Parkour.
  • Bookworm session.
  • Visit new places around your hometown.

What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

The most beautiful place that I have ever visited is Monterey Bay in California. There are several little towns/communities there: Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pacific Grove, and 17-mile Drive.