How do you make a girl happy in Pokemon Emerald?

How do you make a girl happy in Pokemon Emerald?

She has only appeared in Pokémon Emerald. Her father bought her multiple Poké Dolls—such as Pikachu and the Hoenn starters—to cheer her up, but it has not worked. If the player is able to say something to make her laugh, her father will reward them with a new wallpaper for the Pokémon Storage System.

Where is the quiz lady in Pokemon Emerald?

Lilycove City Pokémon Center
They are all located in the Lilycove City Pokémon Center, but only one will ever appear in a player’s game. The lady that appears is determined by the ID number of the game. Each lady will ask for something of the player….Questions.

Question Correct answer Prize
Which machine gives information? Television Big Pearl

Where do you catch Seedot in Emerald?

Game locations

Ruby Routes 102 and 114
Emerald Routes 102, 117, and 120 Trade Ralts in Rustboro City
FireRed LeafGreen Trade, Event
Colosseum Trade
XD Cipher Lab (Shadow)

What can you get in Rustboro City?

Rustboro City is a large town in western Hoenn. It’s located between Route 104 in the south, Route 115 in the north, and Route 116 in the northeast. Upon entering Rustboro City, you will run into your Rival….Poke Mart.

Poke Ball 200
Potion 300
Antidote 100
Great Ball (After Gym) 600
Super Potion (After Gym) 700

What should I give the favor Lady in emerald?

1 Answer. Give her one of these: Antidote, Awakening, Belue berry, Burn heal, Fluffy tail, Grepa Berry, Max Repel, Paralyz Heal, Pecha Berry , Repel and Super Repel.

How do you get a Pokeblock case in Emerald?

A Pokéblock Case is required before Pokéblocks can be made, to store the Pokéblocks that are made. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the Pokéblock Case can be obtained by speaking to a small girl in the Contest Hall in Slateport City. In Pokémon Emerald, she is in the Contest Hall in Lilycove City.

Is Seedot good in emerald?

I’d go with Seedot personally. It’s not that great at the beginning, but once you level it up and get it some moves, maybe even make it a Nuzleaf, it gets a lot better, and as a Shiftry, it’s even better.

Is Seedot a starter?

Seedot is the only Pokemon that is one of the main three Starter types (Grass, Fire and Water) and isn’t a Dark-type that can have the ability Early Bird.

How do you break boulder in Pokemon Emerald?

Press “A” when facing the cracked rock. You’ll be prompted to use Rock Smash as long as the Pokémon that knows it is currently in your party. The rock will break, and you’ll be given HM04 Strength as a reward! You won’t be able to use Strength outside of battle until you earn your next Badge.