How do I return the stone giant to its original form?

How do I return the stone giant to its original form?

Use the whip on the lever to move the statue back to its original position. Then climb back down the thread to the underground area. There won’t be cursed Bokoblins this time. If you didn’t activate the nearby water switch earlier to create a shortcut, you can do so now.

What is the temple’s secret order?

The secret order of this dungeon is Back, Rear, Back of the Right Hand, and Back of the Left Hand. These directions relate to the massive structure in the center of the room. Head to the back of the statue (above the water) and you’ll see a symbol with the Top portion shaded in.

How do I beat Koloktos?

To attack Koloktos, you first need to lure it into slamming an arm down onto the floor. When this happens, whip out the Whip and use it to break this arm. Use the Whip to tear apart its arms. You will need to do this four times to make Koloktos leave its weak spot unprotected.

What do you do in the ancient cistern?

Shake the Bokoblins off by shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. At the top you’ll find yourself back in the main Ancient Cistern chamber. Pull the wall switch and you can get to the lever that activates the statue’s movement. Flip this lever to raise the statue, thus exposing the Boss Key Chest below!

How do you get the Tadtone under lily pads?

Caught in the underside of a lily pad just north of the Great Tree. Climb on the Great Tree and jump down on the lily pad to release the Tadtone.

What is the best Zelda dungeon?

‘The Legend of Zelda’: The 5 Best Dungeons of the Franchise, Ranked

  1. Stone Tower Temple (Majora’s Mask)
  2. Sandship (Skyward Sword) Image via Nintendo.
  3. Snowpeak Ruins (Twilight Princess) Image via Nintendo.
  4. Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time) Image via Nintendo.
  5. Hyrule Castle (Breath of the Wild) Image via Nintendo.

How do you get tadpoles under lily pads?

Go to the end (and make sure you’re facing in the direction of the pad) and jump down. You should be able to land on the lilypad, flipping it over and releasing the tadtone.