How do I get Don Tonberry FFX?

How do I get Don Tonberry FFX?

Don Tonberry is an Area Conquest enemy that can be unlocked by capturing all of the fiends in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Battling certain fiends at the Monster Arena to quickly level up your characters.

Where can I find Don Tonberry?

the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Data. Don Tonberry is an optional monster to fight in Final Fantasy X bred in the Area Conquest section of the Monster Arena after 10 of each fiend in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth is captured. It shares its model with the regular Tonberry.

How much HP does Tonberry have FFX?

Don Tonberry Basic Information

Name Don Tonberry
HP(Overkill) 480000 (10000) MP
AP(Overkill) 8000 (8000) Gil
Drop (7/8) Farplane Shadow 3 (6) Drop (1/8)
steal (3/4) Candle of Life 2 Steal (1/4)

How often does Don Tonberry move?

The Don Tonberry is a pretty simple enemy, and pretty much follows the pattern of other Tonberries in the game. It will start the battle far from your characters, then spend each of its first four turns moving towards them. Once it moves four times, it will then pick a target at random and stab them with its knife.

How do you get auto Phoenix?

Auto-Phoenix is an auto-ability that requires twenty Mega Phoenixes to customize it to a character’s armor. The ability automatically has the user use a Phoenix Down or Mega Phoenix from the player’s inventory after a party member is Knocked Out to immediately revive them.

Where is the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth?

The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, also known as the Sunken Cave, is located in a gorge to the north of the Calm Lands, near the entrance to Mt. Gagazet in Final Fantasy X.

How do I beat fenrir FFX?

A simple way to defeat Fenrir is to Grand Summon Anima (if available), and defeat and Overkill it with an Oblivion. This is only viable in the International, PAL and HD versions, where Oblivion does 1.6 million damage.

How much health does Master Tonberry have?

Gameplay details Its 44,444 HP alludes to the pronunciation of the number four in Japanese and Chinese, which spells and sounds the same as “death” (漢字 Chinese: 死 sǐ death;四 sì four;Japanese pronunciation: し shi). Master Tonberry has the highest HP of any normal enemy in the game.

Where is the evil eye FFX?

Evil Eye is a fiend in Final Fantasy X found at Lake Macalania. A slightly more powerful version is also found in the Al Bhed Home, and on the Fahrenheit shortly after the escape.