How do I generate a USSD code?

How do I generate a USSD code?

To create or register for ussd code simply follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *894*0#
  2. select their preferred debit card.
  3. Enter the 4 digit PIN for your debit card.
  4. Create a new 5 digit PIN .Your number is now live at the first bank ussd bank quick service.

What is Telkom’s USSD code?

The USSD code for checking Telkom balance is *188#. Dial it, and press send/call, and your airtime balance will pop up on the screen. This is the most used USSD code on the Telkom network.

What is USSD code for Uba?

Transaction Type UBA Magic Banking USSD Code
Load UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#
Transfer money from UBA to Other banks *919*4*account number*amount#
Pay Bills *919*5#
UBA ATM Cardless Withdrawal *919*30*Amount#

How do I transfer USSD code to Uba?

Here Is How To Transfer With UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code

  1. Simply dial *919# on your mobile phone.
  2. If you want to send money to a UBA Account, just dial *919*3# and follow the on-screen command.
  3. If you want to send money to other Nigerian banks, just dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen command.

How can I get transfer PIN from Uba?

All UBA Bank customers are required to create a mobile transfer PIN before they can start transactions. To register the PIN, dial *919# from the line registered with your UBA Bank account. This will immediately prompt you to register using either your prepaid card or your UBA Bank account number.

How do I transfer from Vodacom to Telkom?

How do I transfer a data bundle?

  1. Dial *135# and select ‘Buy bundles and services’.
  2. Select ‘Data bundles’.
  3. Select ‘For another number’.
  4. Enter recipient’s Vodacom number.
  5. Select the data bundle to transfer.

What is MTN USSD code?

*135# Free. Master menu This code gives you access to all MTN services. *136*0# Free.