How do I add categories in PowerSchool?

How do I add categories in PowerSchool?

In the top menu, click Courses and select the course from the list. Click Gradebook and then Grade Setup. In the Categories area, select +Add to add a new grading category. Create and configure the categories to match your PowerSchool Gradebook.

What does AP mean in skyward?

Educator Access plus

How do I add a category weight in Powerschool?

Setting up Category Weights

  1. Click on the username in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click Settings > Traditional Grade Calculation.
  3. Click the button for the desired Reporting Term.
  4. Under TYPE select Category Weighting from the dropdown.

What does t3 mean in school?

Academic Progress Effort Plans

How do I change categories in Powerschool?

Edit Categories

  1. On the Categories pane, right-click on the category and choose Edit. The Edit Assignment Category dialog appears. Alternately, from the Gradebook menu bar, choose Tools > Categories. Choose the category to edit on the Categories dialog.
  2. Edit the information as needed.
  3. Click OK or Close to save your changes.

How do I add an assignment on PowerSchool?

Create an Assignment

  1. Click +Create and then choose Assignment.
  2. On the Assignment tab, select the classes for this assignment from the Select Classes menu .
  3. Choose/enter assignment information.
  4. Click the Students tab to choose only specific students for which this assignment applies, if applicable.

What is T1 in Powerschool?

Trimester 1

What does C2 mean in Powerschool?

Comprehensive Exam

Can parents go to jail for truancy in Tennessee?

Penalties for Parents of Truant Students Because parents are legally responsible for sending their children to school, they could face misdemeanor charges for educational neglect. If they’re found guilty, they could be fined and/or sent to jail—up to $50 and/or 30 days for each day the child skipped school. (Tenn.

What does Y mean in attendance?

It means that your child was either absent for the full day or period. A reason for the absence was not given to the school. The Y is used for students who are late over 31 minutes and is subject to the Truancy Law and parents will receive a Truancy Notification Letter from the school.

What does 2WC mean?

reported as absent, tardy

What is PowerSchool used for?

PowerSchool is the student information system used by the Somerset Hills School District. It is a web- based application that allows parents and students to log into a secure account from home, school or work; access real-time assignments, grades and attendance; request reports; email teachers; and more.

What does P mean on PowerSchool?

For certain courses, a qualified student may elect to register under the pass/fail option. Under such registration, the only final grades available to the student are P (pass) or F (fail). To receive the grade of P, the student must be doing work comparable to a D or better.

What does RA mean in attendance?


How many days can a child miss school in Tennessee?


How do I run a missing assignment report in PowerSchool?

Run the Missing Assignment Report

  1. Select a class from the Classes pane.
  2. Click the Reports tab. The Reports window appears.
  3. Click Missing Assignment. The Missing Assignment window appears.
  4. To use the default report settings, skip to Step 5. Otherwise, edit the information as needed.
  5. Click Run Report.
  6. To open the report:
  7. To save the report to a file:

What does U mean in PowerSchool?

In JumpRope, a score of U (usually accompanied by a blue mastery bar) stands for Unrated. A standard, unit, course, or student can receive a U under the following circumstances: Depending on your school’s settings, missing work may not count for or against a student’s score.