How did Alderheart die?

How did Alderheart die?

When and how will Alderheart die? Alderheart is a dark ginger tom with a white tail tip. He is currently one of the three medicine cats in ThunderClan. Alderheart will probably die after Leafpool dies and when Jayfeather is turning old.

Is fallen leaves Hollyleaf’s mate?

Erin Hunters confirmed that Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf did love each other. They mentioned that if they ever met up in Starclan they would become mates. Though being mates may not be possible, as mating in StarClan might not be an option, and Fallen Leaves was never a Clan cat.

How does Leafpool die?

Leafpool and Squirrelflight are fatally injured when the cave collapses, and during her trial to be accepted into StarClan, Leafpool reveals she doesn’t regret breaking the code to have her kits.

Are Bluestar and oakheart mates in StarClan?

Bluestar and Oakheart. It is noted that they are mates in StarClan.

Who is Jayfeather’s mate?


How did Cinderpelt hurt her leg?

Originally she trains to be a warrior as an apprentice under Fireheart’s mentoring, but she is critically injured and therefore crippled by a monster when she stumbles into a trap laid by Tigerclaw for Bluestar, she permanently injures her leg and cannot become a warrior.

Is Crowfeather dead?

During the journey, Crowpaw falls in love with Feathertail and is devastated when she dies. At his warrior ceremony, Crowpaw asks Tallstar to name him Crowfeather in honor of Feathertail….

Current: WindClan
Past: Loner

What is a moon in warrior cats?

Moon – The time between one full moon and the next, spanning about 29 days, or a month.

Who does Ivypool kill?


Who will Crowfeather choose?

Also, Feathertail and Crowfeather hardly knew each other, while Leafpool and Crowfeather ran away together and began to know each other, and still loving each other. So, in the end, I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool. Moving on to Graystripe, Silverstream or Millie.

Who is Hollytuft?

Hollytuft is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar’s, the impostor’s, Squirrelflight’s, and Lionblaze’s leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Hollykit to Lionblaze and Cinderheart alongside her littermates, Fernkit and Sorrelkit.

What book does Briarlight get paralyzed?

the Omen of the Stars

Is Mothwing a girl?

Mothwing is a dappled golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Does Leafpool still love Crowfeather?

It’s about when Crowfeather plans to run away from the Clans with Leafpool, so they can be together. Leafpool agrees, but later on finds out that her heart is with ThunderClan, and being a medicine cat. In Sunset, Crowfeather breaks up the relationship.

Does Jayfeather like Briarlight?

Jayfeather sensed Briarlight sleeping peacefully in her nest. She was so wonderful. Actually, he was glad that she couldnt be an apprentice. If she was, they could never see eachother.

Who is Hollyleaf’s mate?

Hollykit is born to Leafpool and Crowfeather, along with her brothers Jaykit and Lionkit. Squirrelflight takes care of them, since Leafpool is a medicine cat, and so is forbidden to have kits. ThunderClan and Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight’s mate, think they’re her and Brambleclaw’s.

Is Alderheart a boy or a girl?

Infobox Alderheart
Character Information
Gender male
Clan ThunderClan

Is Hollyleaf a girl?

Hollyleaf is a slender, long-legged, black she-cat with soft and long fur. She has green eyes, and a bushy tail. Hollyleaf was a ThunderClan warrior that served under Firestar’s leadership in the lake territories. She was born as Hollykit to Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw alongside her brothers, Lionkit and Jaykit.

How does Lionblaze die?

He grows angered when he discovers he can get injured, such as tripping over roots. Cinderheart festers over him, though Dovewing insists he is still the strongest and bravest warrior in ThunderClan. When a fox attacks the patrol, Lionblaze kills it.