Does Virginia Tech do Early Action?

Does Virginia Tech do Early Action?

Early Action is available to all freshman applicants. Those interested in the Early Action plan must select that option on the application and submit the application for admission on or before December 1. We encourage students to apply Early Action as Regular Decision is considered on a space-available basis.

What is Virginia Tech Early Action acceptance rate?

Virginia Tech admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 67% and an early acceptance rate of 77.3%. Half the applicants admitted to Virginia Tech have an SAT score between 1170 and 1370 or an ACT score of 25 and 31.

Does Early Action increase chances of admission?

Early action often does not offer a higher acceptance rate but provides the benefit of learning early what the admission decision from the college is. On the other hand, students often do benefit from getting their application in early.”

Does Early Decision increase chances Virginia Tech?

Virginia Tech offers both Early Action and Early Decision plans. Typically, applying early can increase your chances, even when controlling for profile strength. This is particularly true of ED.

Does Virginia Tech admit by major?

It is perfectly acceptable to enter Virginia Tech without declaring a specific major. Though many students declare a major before entering a university, students also change their majors an average of three times before graduating! Choosing a major is an important decision.

Does Virginia Tech Superscore the ACT?

However, in our research, we found that Virginia Tech does in fact offer an ACT superscore policy. To quote their Admissions Office: Of all the scores that Virginia Tech receives, your application readers will consider your highest section scores across all ACT test dates you submit.

What is the acceptance rate for Virginia Tech 2021?

around 64%
Using acceptance rate data from previous years, we can project that the Virginia Tech acceptance rate in 2021 is going to be around 64%. You can get more information from the admissions office website at