Do flex points carry over?

Do flex points carry over?

If you don’t spend all your flex points in fall semester, then they carry over into spring semester. Spend them all by spring semester, though, because they don’t carry over into the following year! Flex points can be used at the Huddle as well as various cafes and restaurants on campus.

What are flex points?

Meal Plan “Flex” Points – Flex points are a dollar for dollar declining balance-type account that is accepted at any campus dining location.

Do flex points roll over UOFL?

Student points roll over from summer to fall to spring, but expire after spring finals. Faculty/staff points do not expire. FREE BONUS MONEY: If you deposit $100 or more in flex points, you will receive an additional 10% in Bonus points.

What are flex points udel?

Flex is a declining balance account that can be used in place of cash all around campus.

How do I know how much flex I have Ole Miss?

You can now check your Flex and Ole Miss Express balance online.

  1. Download the “Get Funds” App from the App Store.
  2. Select “University of Mississippi”
  3. Use your Ole Miss Username and password.
  4. Add your phone number.
  5. Select “My Account”

Where can I spend flex dollars?

Flex dollars, which must be spent on food or drink, may be used at all dining venues in Bone Student Center; Starbucks in the Student Fitness Center; Subway shops located on campus; sandwich shops located in the State Farm Hall of Business and Centennial Hall, and vending machines in the residential areas.

Are flex dollars per semester?

Do my flex dollars roll over? Yes, on-campus meal plans with flex dollars will roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester. Flex dollars do not roll over into the summer session, or from academic year to academic year. Any flex dollars not used by the last day of the spring semester will be forfeited.

What does flex money mean?

Flex dollars are usually either an electronic currency or a portion of an employee’s wage structure. Flex money accounts typically work on a declining balance system similar to a debit card. An individual using the flex dollar account decides how to spend funds; whenever funds are spent, it reduces the account balance.

Where are flex points accepted?

campus retail food service establishments
Flex Points are an extension of campus meal plans and are accepted only in select on-campus retail food service establishments (excluding Legends, Rohr’s and Sorin’s). Flex points roll over from fall to spring semester and expire at the end of the academic year.

What is cardinal cash?

Cardinal Cash is a prepaid declining balance spending account tied to your Fisher ID card. It is accepted at all dining locations, the College Bookstore, and vending machines. Cardinal Cash can also be used for printing if you exhaust your printing allowance for the term.

How do I change my meal plan UOFL?

Students can visit our website to sign in and change or add a meal plan to their student account. Please note: Changes can be made each semester after meal plan charges have been posted. Only one meal plan change can be made per day.

What is the value of US Bank Flexpoints?

As is the case with many rewards currencies, the value of U.S. Bank FlexPoints depends on how they’re redeemed. At best, you can get up to 2 cents of value from each point when you cash them in for plane tickets. On the lower end, purchasing inexpensive merchandise with points may yield less than 1 cent per point.

Should you redeem your Flexpoints?

Redeeming rewards for statement credits or gift certificates yields 1 cent per point, and using points for merchandise gives you slightly less value. The takeaway is simple: Save your rewards for more expensive travel costs. FlexPoints expire five years from the date they’re earned.

What are the benefits of the US Bank flexperks Travel Rewards card?

The U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards® Card comes with a big sign-up bonus: Earn 25,000 enrollment FlexPoints worth $375 on airfare, hotel stays, car rentals and more. Just spend $2,000 in eligible Net Purchases on your card within the first four months of account opening.

What happens to my Flexpoints when they expire?

FlexPoints expire five years from the date they’re earned. Your FlexPoints will automatically be redeemed in the order they were earned. If your account isn’t it good standing, you may not be able to redeem your points. If your account is closed, your points will be forfeited.