Can you still walk to Penguin Island?

Can you still walk to Penguin Island?

Their advice is ‘Do not walk or wade across the sandbar to Penguin Island. Strong rips and currents can occur, water depth and conditions change rapidly. People have drowned attempting this crossing. Use the ferry service at all times.

How long does it take to walk to Penguin Island?

approximately 0.5hrs
Penguin Island Boardwalk & Walk Trail is a 1.5km, grade 1 circuit hike, located in Penguin Island, Western Australia. The hike should take approximately 0.5hrs to complete.

Are there toilets on Penguin Island?

Remember there are no food and drink facilities on the island you must bring your own. There are drop bottom toilets located only a short walk from the picnic area. It’s a 2km round walk around the island and takes about 1 hour. It is mostly boardwalks with a sandy walk along the beach on the west side of the island.

When should I go to Penguin Island?

If you have never been to the island, we strongly recommend that you make your first visit between late September and early June. That way, you can meet the resident penguins and explore the natural beauty and other wildlife of the Shoalwater Islands.

Are there sharks at Penguin Island?

Three 3m bronze whaler sharks were also reported by a member of the public at Penguin Island near Rockingham, some 200m offshore. That sighting happened at 7am but was not reported until later. A 3m shark was also spotted from a helicopter about 10m from shore just before 3pm at Hillarys.

Can you go on Seal Island?

There are a few ways to visiting seal island. Most people choose to purchase a cruise around the island. Others, like ourselves, take a kayak. You can use your own or hire one.

Can you kayak to Penguin Island?

Penguin and Seal Island Sea Kayak 6 hour Tour Spend a fun-filled day exploring Penguin and Seal Islands by sea kayak. Get up close and personal with amazing wildlife, take a guided walk to explore Penguin Island, enjoy snorkelling (December to March only, when the water is warmest).

Can I take my boat to Penguin Island?

Getting Onto The Island: 2) You can take your own small boat over to the island, but mooring is not allowed on the jetty. 3) Bring your kayak and paddle over. 4) Though there is a sandbar between the island and the mainland, authorities urge vistors to Penguin Island not to cross the sandbar for safety reasons.

Can you snorkel at Penguin Island?

Penguin Island is the South’s favourite spot for a snorkel. Between the coast and the island is a calm stretch of water with some pretty fascinating wildlife. Seals and dolphins tend to frequent the area, and if you’re lucky, you may even see the resident sea lions or penguins taking a dip.

Can you kayak to Seal Island?

Paddling a sea kayak is a unique and intimate way to explore Penguin & Seal Islands. Get up close and personal with the sea lions, cruise past colonies of pelicans and take in the rugged beauty of the islands. It’s a fun filled day suitable for beginners and advanced paddlers.

How far is Seal Island from shore?

1 kilometre
Penguin Island and Seal Island are part of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, approximately 45 minutes south of Perth, or 5 minutes south of Rockingham. Sea kayaking is a fantastic way to explore these rugged offshore islands, which are only up to 1 kilometre from shore.

Can you paddle board to Penguin Island?

Penguin Island and Seal Island are huge tourist attractions in the Rockingham area. When you hire a kayak or stand up paddle board from us, you are free to explore the islands and enjoy a day at the beach.