Can you get married at Marwell Zoo?

Can you get married at Marwell Zoo?

Your guests are also welcome to roam around the zoo but I think this is only permitted whilst the zoo is open to the public. It is possible to book only your wedding ceremony here or you can book both your ceremony and your reception.

What happened at Marwell?

Hampshire police said intruders were seen damaging property and throwing objects at the animals at Marwell Zoo near Winchester late on Monday. “Entry had been forced to the site, and multiple buildings within the grounds, causing significant damage,” a police spokeswoman said. It is not believed anything was stolen.

Is Marwell Zoo for adults?

We’re a charity. By donating and gift aiding your admission today, you’ll be supporting our conservation work. Thank you!…Daypass excluding donation.

Adult Aged 17 – 59 years £17.09
Marwell Zoo Members Annual Zoo Membership allows you year-round access to the zoo. n/a

Who is the owner of Marwell Zoo?

Marwell Zoo is a 140-acre (57 ha) zoo situated in Colden Common near Winchester, in the English county of Hampshire. It is owned and run by the registered charity Marwell Wildlife.

Is Marwell tropical house open?

Yes Marwell is open from 10am every day except Christmas and Boxing Day.

Are there Cheetahs at Marwell Zoo?

“We sadly no longer have cheetah at the zoo, however we are renovating the habitat for our serval pair, Jinx and Hex, to move in as soon as possible.”

Are there lions at Marwell Zoo?

We may not have lions, but we do have many other interesting big cats, including Amur tigers, leopards and cheetahs. Marwell Zoo is home to over 170 exotic and endangered species.

Are there snakes at Marwell Zoo?

Here you’ll discover the venomous reticulate Gila monster and the Madagascan tree boa, both EEP species (European Ex-situ breeding Programme). If you love snakes this is definitely the place for you! Look out for our Dumeril’s ground boa too.