Can you camp anywhere on Gibb River Road?

Can you camp anywhere on Gibb River Road?

But you have to stick to the designated campsites. Luckily there are enough of them. Some are at gorges like Bell Gorge or Manning Gorge, others are at cattle stations like Charnley River Station or Mt. Basically, every major attraction along the Gibb River Road also has a campsite, if not right there then very nearby.

Is Gibb River Road Open 2021?

It is planned to commence construction works in July and be completed by late 2021 in time for the wet season. Due to the long wet season, the water levels at several major rivers are still above 300mm, so the road is open only to high clearance four-wheel drives and trucks.

Is the Gibb River Road open now?

it is the news that everyone has been waiting for: The Gibb River Road is now open all the way!

How bad is the Gibb River Road?

The Gibb River Road conditions have a bad reputation. The trip is often portrayed as a rough and challenging drive. Four wheel driving the Gibb River Road is a big adventure for most Kimberley travellers. Especially people without 4WD experience are often nervous about tackling it.

Can you take a caravan on the Gibb River Road?

You shouldn’t take caravans across the Gibb River Road (unless they are dedicated, tough offroad vans). So yes, if you bring your caravan and want to do the Gibb River Road as well, then you have to leave it somewhere.

Do you need a snorkel for Gibb River Road?

You won’t need a snorkel for river crossings on the Gibb River Road that time of year, but if it’s very dry your air filter would not get quite as dusty if you had one.

Can you take a camper trailer on the Gibb River Road?

For the majority of the track, you will be fine towing a well-built camper trailer or caravan. However, taking massive caravans on the track is not a good idea. The road out to Mitchell Falls and Kalumbaru is one of the roughest, and I would not take anything but a top quality camper trailer out there.

Can I take a caravan on the Gibb River Road?

Can you take an off road caravan on the Gibb River Road?

It is possible to travel the Gibb River Road with an off-road caravan, but you should definitely not tow a standard road caravan. The only exception to this is if you would like to visit El Questro from Kununurra (see below).