Are brenderup trailers good?

Are brenderup trailers good?

Brenderup is Scandinavia’s premier provider of trailers, as well as being one of Europe’s largest trailer providers. Renowned for their high-quality products, they focus on what makes a good trailer: excellent safety, robust chassis, sturdy design and superb towing characteristics.

What happened to brenderup horse trailers?

Brenderup will no longer be doing business or building trailers, in the USA. Some current dealers MAY still be importing trailers into the USA, but they will be passing on the extra costs to the buyer.

What is a brenderup horse trailer?

Brenderup is the only European designed horse trailer built in the US. Check out our new manufacturing plant and the new longer Baron “L” trailer. All the regular BRENDERUP safety and patented engineering now with a 12 inch longer stall.

How much does a brenderup trailer weigh?

*** Brenderups are designed to be towed safely by many of today’s smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. The Solo weighs approximately 1300 lbs, but equally important, the loaded tongue weight is only about 100 lbs. (For comparison, the loaded tongue weight of a traditional 2H trailer is typically 400-500 lbs.

Where are brenderup trailers made?

Brenderup Group has 380 employees at two production and assembly sites, along with sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France, and Italy. Head office is situated in Malmö, Sweden.

What is the lightest horse trailer?

The lightest two-horse trailers are: Brenderup Baron SL: 2150 lbs. Charmac Trailers: 2360 lbs. Logan Coach 2 Horse Bullseye: 2800 lbs….The average weight of horse trailers.

Number of horses that can fit in the trailer How much weight the trailer supports Trailer Models
1 horse 1300 lbs Brenderup Solo

How much does a 2 horse brenderup trailer weigh?

***** The Baron L weighs approximately 2250 lbs. and has a loaded tongue weight of approximately 250 lbs. (Compare to typical dressing room trailer weights in the 3200-3500 lb.

Where are Brenderup trailers made?

How much does a 2 horse Brenderup trailer weigh?

How much does an average 2 horse trailer weigh?

2-horse trailers weigh between 2,000 and 8,000 pounds. Some are more simple and constructed from lightweight materials. Others are more elaborate and longer, even though the horse capacity remains at 2 maximum. The average load capacity for a 2-horse trailer is about 4,000 pounds.

Can a Colorado pull a horse trailer?

Chevy Colorado can also tow lightweight, single horse trailers made of aluminum.

How tall is a brenderup trailer?

Many trailers have a ramp that’s 4 feet tall. The Brenderup ramp is a generous 5 feet tall and thanks to two assist struts, it takes surprisingly little effort to lift.

Is there a 1996 Brenderup Baron TC 2 horse trailer?

Lightly used for local trailering. It is in very good condition and well maintained. SOLD Beautiful and well maintained 1996 Brenderup Baron TC 2 horse. This trailer is perfect for someone looking to tow with lightweight truck or SUV. -2 horse…

Are Brenderup trailers any good?

Brenderup’s are the freaking bomb. There is no trailer that is 100% forever but I can say that this trailer has been wonderful to own and tow. I tow it with a 2007 RAV4 Limited with a towing package, V6 269 hp engine. My horse that I bought the trailer for was a 15.3 HH Quarter Horse.

Do I need a large vehicle to pull a Brenderup?

You don’t need a large vehicle to pull it, as it’s extremely lightweight. In fact, an F250 may be overkill with a Brenderup. You don’t need a large vehicle to pull it, as it’s extremely lightweight. In fact, an F250 may be overkill with a Brenderup.

Are brenderups still made in the US?

They’re no longer being manufactured in the US but they’re still being made overseas, so parts are still available. The only thing I know about Brenderups is that an acquaintance owns one and loves it. You don’t need a large vehicle to pull it, as it’s extremely lightweight. In fact, an F250 may be overkill with a Brenderup.