Why are some C-section scars vertical?

Why are some C-section scars vertical?

A vertical incision on the uterus causes less bleeding and better access to the fetus, but renders the mother unable to attempt a vaginal delivery (must have another repeat C-section) in the future.

What does a good C-section scar look like?

Since they’re usually made below the pubic hairline, you might not see your C-section scar at all. It’ll look red or pink for several months but eventually it fades to a pale, flat, thin line. Some women create bigger, thicker, or raised scars than others—however, they are rarely very obvious.

Why are some C-section scars higher than others?

If your body kicks into overdrive during the healing process, you may have a thicker scar, known as a hypertrophic scar. This type of scar stays in the exact spot your surgeon originally cut, unlike a keloid scar, which can be thicker and extend beyond the original incision.

Is C-section scar supposed to be raised?

A C-section scar can be flat or raised, depending on how your body heals. Hypertrophic scars do not extend past the area of skin damage, whereas keloid scars spread beyond the boundary of the original wound due to overproduction of collagen.

How common is a vertical C-section?

Vertical incisions were more commonly performed during emergent cesarean deliveries than during nonemergent cesarean deliveries (29.1% compared with 20.4%, P<. 001).

Why do I have a lump on my C-section scar?

This is rare but it can occur as a result of the endometrium lining shedding and instead of being released normally during menstruation, cells detach and leak back into the pelvic cavity and attach themselves to scars and other abdominal organs. As the endometrium grows each month and thickens lumps can form.

What does a C-section scar look like?

Typically, a c-section scar is small (about 4 to 6 inches) and pink, but there are several factors that can affect its appearance. How your scar turns out mostly depends on your body type and c-section incision type.

Can a tummy tuck get rid of a C-section scar and Pooch?

For women with a c-section scar and pooch, a tummy tuck can remove the excess skin protruding above the scar, as well as tighten and smooth the overall belly area. Keep in mind, however, that a tummy tuck involves its own incisions and post-operative scarring.

How do you get rid of a C section scar on face?

Though the C-section scar will fade on its own over time, a few simple tricks can help improve its appearance: Silicone sheeting. You can buy these small sheets over the counter; they generally cost around $40 for a 12-week supply. Silicone gels and creams.

Can you have liposuction over a C section scar?

Excess Fat, Good Skin Tone Individuals with this kind of shelf can do very well with liposuction alone. After the fat is removed with liposuction (again often with local anesthesia alone), the skin can contract on its own, so there is no skin excess remaining to hang over the C-section scar.