Who won no way out 2001?

Who won no way out 2001?

The Rock
On February 25, 2001, The Rock won the WWE Championship from Kurt Ange in the main event of No Way Out to become the first six-time champion in the company’s history.

Who won Triple H vs Stone Cold?

During that period of time, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the top man in the company and had just taken the title from Shawn Michaels. Austin had just ended the match in question by hitting both Chyna and Triple H with the Stone Cold Stunner, securing the win with a pin.

Is Triple Ha legend?

He is a true legend of the WWE. 3. Triple H- Even though his father-in-law owns the company, Triple H is still one hell of a wrestler. He started with the company in the mid-’90s as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, which was later shortened to the well-known Triple H.

When did Triple H and Stone Cold team up?

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H had formed a tag team known as The Two-Man Power Trip in the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF, now known as WWE) for a span of two months in 2001 following WrestleMania X-Seven, but reunited for one night in January 2002.

Who did Triple H tag team with?

Also known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jean-Paul Levesque, Terra Ryzing

# Name Members
1 D-Generation X Shawn Michaels & Triple H
2 Steve Austin & Triple H Steve Austin & Triple H
3 Two Man Power-Trip Steve Austin & Triple H

Is Triple H best wrestler ever?

Triple H Has Been Named The Most Over-Rated Wrestler Of All-Time (Top 25 List) Triple H is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, not just in the past fifteen years, but of all time.

When did Chris Jericho unify the titles?

December 9, 2001
Champion history

Wrestler: Times: Date:
Chris Jericho 1 December 9, 2001
After being unified with the World Heavyweight Championship the title was renamed the unified title was named the WWF Undisputed Championship.
Triple H 1 March 17, 2002
Hulk Hogan 1 April 21, 2002