Who plays Floyd in Waterloo Road?

Who plays Floyd in Waterloo Road?

Leo Flanagan
Floyd Westbrook Is the son of Allie and brother of Tiffany Westbrook. He and Tiffany started at Waterloo Road when Allie and her boyfriend Vaughan got jobs there….2021 Entertainment Wrap-Up – The Loop.

Floyd Westbrook
Portrayed by Leo Flanagan
First Appearance Series 10 Episode 1 (Home Sweet Home)

Do Justin and Tiffany get together in Waterloo Road?

Relationships. In Episode 4 Tiffany and Justin kiss after both of them admitting they like spending time together. After Justin tried forcing Tiffany to run away with him, she went to stay with a friend. In Episode 10, when Justin punched Allie, Floyd called Tiffany and she returned.

Who is bullying Bonnie in Waterloo Road?

Leo Fitzgerald
Moments later the real bully is revealed to be Leo Fitzgerald. Bonnie confronts Justin in episode 19, still believing him to be the culprit, however Kenzie later proves that it was in fact Leo.

What was wrong with Dale in Waterloo Road?

Dale is sent to a doctor, who confirms his diagnosis of Overactive Bladder Syndrome, and provides Dale with possible options for treatment. Dale is relieved and very reassured that his urination problem is an actual condition that can be fixed, rather than something that is his fault.

Who played Rhiannon in Waterloo Road?

Digital Spy recently chatted to Rebecca Craven, who plays Rhiannon, to hear her thoughts on the challenging storyline. As a newcomer to Waterloo Road for series eight, how well have you settled into the show?

How old is Justin Fitzgerald in Waterloo Road?

Boba Fett Returns – The Loop

Justin Fitzgerald
Born 17 December 1996
Mother Olga Fitzgerald
Father Vaughan Fitzgerald

What happens to Lorna in Waterloo Road?

She invites Tom and Izzie to a fancy house where they became friends again, and in her bed, Lorna overdoses and passes in the hands of her two best friends, Tom and Izzie. She wrote a suicide note.

Is Rihanna pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Casual boyfriend Darren is disgusted at Rhiannon’s fussing over virtual baby ‘BeyoncĂ©’. When she reveals she might be really expecting their baby, Darren runs off! Rhiannon finally confides in Maggie about her pregnancy scare and takes a test, which reveals it’s a false alarm.