Who is El Gallo in The Fantasticks?

Who is El Gallo in The Fantasticks?

Broadway veteran, Edward Watts will star as El Gallo in The Link Theatre’s inaugural production of Tom Jonesand Harvey Schmidt’s The Fantasticks. Watts previously played the role for more than 1,000 performances in the Off-Broadway production in New York City.

Who played in The Fantasticks?

The Fantasticks Off-Broadway Original Cast

  • Thomas Bruce. Henry.
  • George Curley. Mortimer. Mortimer.
  • Rita Gardner. Luisa [The Girl] Luisa.
  • Jay Hampton. The Handyman. The Handyman.
  • Tom Jones. Henry.
  • William Larsen. Hucklebee.
  • William Larson. Hucklebee.
  • Kenneth Nelson. Matt [The Boy] Matt.

Who wrote the lyrics for The Fantasticks?

Tom JonesThe Fantasticks / LyricistTom Jones is an American lyricist and librettist, best known for The Fantasticks, 110 in the Shade, and I Do! I Do!. He was born in Littlefield, Texas. Wikipedia

Who is Mortimer in The Fantasticks?

Robert R. Oliver
Oliver steps into the role of Mortimer. Robert R. Oliver steps into the role of Mortimer in the new production of the musical comedy The Fantasticks for six-weeks, as MacIntyre Dixon recuperates from a torn achilles tendon.

Why is it called The Fantasticks?

The play premiered at the University of New Mexico in the spring of 1956. Tom Jones says that the name of the play came from George Fleming’s 1900 adaptation of the Rostand play, which used the name The Fantasticks.

How long was Jerry Orbach in The Fantasticks?

In 1960 he was offered, and accepted at forty-five dollars a week, his leading role in The Fantasticks (“Try To Remember”), the legendary off-off-Broadway production that was to run for more than forty years.

What was the Broadway show The Fantasticks about?

Beloved by theatergoers for 50 years, The Fantasticks is a musical allegory about the romance of a young couple, Matt and Luisa, who find their relationship tested by their meddling fathers and a bandit narrator known as El Gallo.

Who played Luisa on the Fantasticks?


Character Off-Broadway (1960) Film (1995)
Luisa (the Girl) Rita Gardner Jean Louisa Kelly
Hucklebee (the Boy’s father) William Larsen Brad Sullivan
Bellomy (the Girl’s father) Hugh Thomas Joel Grey
Henry (the Old Actor) Tom Jones Barnard Hughes

How long was Jerry Orbach in the Fantasticks?

Who played Lennie Briscoe on?

Jerry OrbachLennie Briscoe / Played by

Is actor Jerry Orbach still alive?

Deceased (1935–2004)Jerry Orbach / Living or Deceased