Who can wear Army mess dress?

Who can wear Army mess dress?

The Army white mess and Army white evening mess uniforms are authorized for optional wear by all male personnel. Personnel normally wear these uniforms from April to October, except in clothing zones I and II, where they may wear them year-round (see CTA 50–900).

What is an Army mess uniform?

Mess dress uniform is the most formal (or semi-formal, depending on the country) type of uniforms used by military personnel, police personnel, and other uniformed services members. It frequently consists of a mess jacket, trousers, white dress shirt and a black bow tie, along with orders and medals insignia.

Can enlisted wear mess dresses?

While possession of the Mess Dress Uniform is mandatory for Officers, it is an optional uniform for Enlisted personnel and they may wear the Semi-Formal at functions calling for Mess Dress attire.

Can retired military wear mess dress?

According to Department of the Air Force Instruction 36- 2903, retirees may wear the uniform as prescribed at date of retirement, or any of the uniforms authorized for active-duty personnel, including the dress uniforms. Retirees must not mix uniform items.

Can you wear mess dress to a black-tie event?

Military “mess dress” is explicitly the equivalent of civilian black-tie semiformal-wear. (The full dress uniform is the equivalent of white-tie formalwear.) At least, if you’re in active service. If you’ve been retired for a while, it’s best to stick to civilian suits.

Where do mess dress medals go?

Miniature medals are worn centered on the left lapel, approximately 1/2 inch below the notch of the mess and evening mess uniforms, and will not extend beyond the edge of the lapel. Personnel may adjust placement of the medals to accommodate the wear of dress miniature badges (see fig 29-7 below).

What ribbons are worn on mess dress?

Miniature Medals —Miniature medals are worn on the blue mess dress or on formal dress. The miniatures are centered between lapel and arm seam and midway between top shoulder seam and top button of jacket.