When was the SHOEI RF 1000 made?

When was the SHOEI RF 1000 made?

Shoei was the first to use carbon fiber in motorcycle helmets in 1976, and it introduced the first ventilated motorcycle helmet in 1984. The RF-1000—Shoei’s dedicated sport-touring helmet—was introduced in 2003.

What is the quietest SHOEI helmet?

Shoei Neotec 2
Shoei Neotec 2 – Modular, Approx. One of the things we like about Shoei’s Neotec 2 is its no-nonsense approach! It’s a simple-looking helmet that is built from quality materials, is light, and is durable. As well as this, it has a Sharp 4-star rating, and is one of the quietest motorcycle helmets on the market.

How old is my Shoei helmet?

The exact date of manufacturing can be found inside the helmet under the centerpad. It can be read as follows: Year XX – month XX – day XX. Did the fitting change at SHOEI helmets? Yes, over time the fit of our helmets has changed slightly.

Is the Shoei RF-1000 the best helmet ever?

The RF-1000 is the latest upgrade for what has been probably the most popular Shoei helmet models of all time, the RF-series. Starting with the RF-105 (does anyone remember that far back?), to the RF-200, 700, 800, 900 and now the RF-1000, Shoei has been making improvements and adding features which have further increased the model’s popularity.

What is Shoei’s return policy for RF-1000 helmets?

Shoei RF-1000 Helmets Please Note: Please be sure to order the correct helmet. There are NO refunds or exchanges on clearance or closeout items! Clearance! Shoei RF-1000 Jordan Szoke TC-3 Helmet

How much does the RF-1000 weigh?

Our RF-1000 in size XL weighs in at 1610 grams (3 lbs., 8-3/4 oz.), which is a touch lighter than Shoei’s X-Eleven of the same size.

Are RF-1000 helmets noisy?

I can only wonder how someone could wear this helmet and not have the same problem unless they had a neck like Ahhnold.” Editor’s Reply: We’ve found that all helmets are noisy; some less so than others. But we felt that the RF-1000 was one of the quieter helmets. We always recommend wearing properly fitted earplugs when using any motorcycle helmet.