What size are Domino holes?

What size are Domino holes?

Example: The domino being used is 40 mm long; the left hole is 28 mm deep, the right hole 12 mm – that is, together 40 mm. TIP You can mark two routing depths using the two green markers and easily move between the two using the slider.

How do you know what size dominoes to use?

Re: How do you know what size domino to use? The rule of thumb is 1/3 the thickness of the stock. So 12mm stock use 4mm domino, etc.

What sizes do festool dominos come in?

The Domino tenons come in five sizes ranging from 5mm (3/16″) thick to 10mm (3/8″) thick, and the joiner plunge depths range from 12mm (1/2″) to 28mm (11/8″). Compare this to biscuits, which are 4mm (5/32″) thick and penetrate into the workpiece a maximum of 12mm (1/2″).

What is the size of a tenon?

1-1/4″ long
Tenon length: A tenon’s length should be at least five times its thickness. So, a 1/4″-thick tenon should be 1-1/4″ long.

What is the difference between the Festool Domino 500 and 700?

The DF 500 is going to excel in thinner material for panels, drawer sides, smaller boxes, etc with its smaller cutters. The XL DF 700 will easily handle 8/4 or 12/4 material, slabs of wood, and joining thick pieces.

Do Dominos make a joint stronger?

After the adhesive is applied, the Domino adheres to the sides of the hole more tightly because of the swelling properties of wood, which makes the glued joint even stronger. The grooves on the Domino pin support even glue distribution (Nutsch et al.

Do Festool Dominos expand?

Festool Beech Tenons are made from all-natural, solid Beech hardwood for strength and stability. Suitable for both plywood and solid wood applications, the dense Sipo tenon will not expand or telegraph through material, leaving you with clean, flat, and consistent surfaces.

How wide is a 10mm domino?

The 5 mm tenons are 19 mm wide, 6 mm tenons are 20 mm wide, 8 mm tenons are 22 mm wide and the 10mm are 24 mm wide.

What is a tenon on a light pole?

Light Pole Tenon adaptor is a pole adapter/accessory that can convert your 3″ 4″ 5″ pole size in diameter to smaller size in order to fit the street light / shoebox light fixtures mounting bracket like 2-3/8inch slip fitter.

How thick are the tenons on a domino?

The Festool’s DOMINO uses four “loose tenon” thicknesses which match the four mortise cutter diameters The cuter diameters are: – 5 mm (0.197″) – 6mm (0.236″) – 8 mm (0.315″) -10 mm (0.394″). [ Everything on the DOMINO is metric so write this down -THERE ARE 25.4 mm / Inch] The loose tenons come in three lengths: – 30, mm (1.181″

What is the difference between the Domino DF 500 and XL?

The DOMINO XL offers a more elegant solution to the challenge of large-scale joinery. The amazingly simple to use, fast, and accurate DOMINO XL now complements the capabilities of the original DOMINO DF 500, with a maximum tenon size of about five and a half-Inch in length (140 mm).

What is the standard size of the Domino?

– 5 mm (0.197″) – 6mm (0.236″) – 8 mm (0.315″) -10 mm (0.394″). [ Everything on the DOMINO is metric so write this down -THERE ARE 25.4 mm / Inch]

What is the length of the loose tenons?

The loose tenons come in three lengths: – 30, mm (1.181″ – 40 mm (1.575″) – 50 mm (1.969″) The width of the mortise is determined by one of three “Bit Center to Center” selectable distance Presets – 13 mm (0.512″)