What nationality is Coppelia?

What nationality is Coppélia?

Coppélia, comic ballet by French composer Léo Delibes that premiered in Paris on May 2, 1870. It was an immediate success and soon reappeared in the form of excerpts scored for piano and as an orchestral suite. Coppélia was based on German writer E.T.A.

Is Coppélia a polish?

The ballet is set in a Polish village long ago. Swanhilda and Frantz are sweethearts. Swanhilda thinks Frantz is in love with Coppélia, a strange girl in the house of a dollmaker named Dr. Coppélius.

What is the story behind Coppélia?

The ballet is about a girl named Coppelia who sits on her balcony all day reading and never speaking to anyone. Swanhilda soon learns that Coppelia is actually a doll that belongs to Doctor Coppelius, the mad scientist. She decides to impersonate the doll, in order to win the love of Franz.

Who originally choreographed Coppélia?

Arthur St. Léon
Hoffmann’s Der Sandmann, Coppélia is considered one of the triumphant comic ballets of the 19th century and marked the passing of ballet supremacy from France to Russia. Originally choreographed by Arthur St. Léon in Paris in 1870, it was restaged by Marius Petipa in St.

Who composed Coppélia?

Léo DelibesCoppélia / Composer
Léo Delibes has composed for the three scenes of Coppélia a distinguished, piquant, and colourful score, excellently orchestrated … It is very difficult to write for dancing with a little artistry, taste and style… M.

Who are the Coppélia characters?


3 Swanhilda Beautiful, fiesty, and in love with Franz. Jealous of Coppelia.
4 Franz Engaged to Swanhilda, but intriuged by Coppelia – who he thinks loves him.
5 Dr. Coppelius Lonely, old alchemist who sees and loves his dolls as his children.

What does the name Coppélia mean?

Meaning of Coppelia: Name Coppelia in the English origin, means A story of a girl with enamel eyes. People with name Coppelia are usually Christianity by religion.

What does Coppélia mean in English?

[ koh-peyl-yuh ] SHOW IPA. / koʊˈpeɪl yə / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a ballet (1870) by Délibes.

When was Coppélia choreographed?

Coppélia (sometimes subtitled: La Fille aux Yeux d’Émail (The Girl with the Enamel Eyes)) is a comic ballet from 1870 originally choreographed by Arthur Saint-Léon to the music of Léo Delibes, with libretto by Charles-Louis-Étienne Nuitter.

Who was the original choreographer of Coppélia?