What kind of shop does Mustafa have?

What kind of shop does Mustafa have?

The department store consists of two shopping centres: one retailing jewelry and household appliances and functioning as a supermarket, and the other selling a variety of other products such as books, DVDs, watches, electronic goods, footwear, toys and clothing.

What does Mustafa Centre sell?

You can buy almost anything at Mustafa Centre: Visiting Mustafa Centre, shoppers will be amazed with its huge selection of goods, including jewellery, gold and silver, consumer electronics, fashions, shoes, watches, cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, medicinal products, household items, stationery, furniture, hardware.

Does Mustafa sell fake perfumes?

Re: designer perfumes in mustafa? Everything in Mustafa is genuine. It not possible to find fake anything in Singapore in any mainstream shop.

Is Mustafa a good place to buy gold?

While there are a number of specialist companies such as BullionStar servicing Singapore’s retail gold bullion market, the most unusual place to buy gold bars in Singapore must be the Mustafa Centre in the Little India neighborhood.

Does Mustafa sell pillows?

Get everything you need – a pillow, neck cushion and sleep mask – for just S$14.90 at Mustafa! It even comes in portable pouch for your convenience. You’ll thank me once you get a good night’s sleep on your flight.

Who is the founder of Mustafa?

Mustaq Ahmad
In 2011, Mustaq Ahmad, 64, the founder of Mustafa Centre, has been ranked as the 37th richest in Singapore, with a net worth estimated at US$240 million by Forbes Asia.

What is gold price in Mustafa?

22K Gold Rate in Mustafa Bad

Date 22Ct / 1g 22Ct / 10g
28-Jan-2022, AM Rs. 4,674.00 Rs. 46,740.00
27-Jan-2022, AM Rs. 4,709.00 Rs. 47,090.00
26-Jan-2022, AM Rs. 4,749.00 Rs. 47,490.00
25-Jan-2022, AM Rs. 4,734.00 Rs. 47,340.00

Does Mustafa sell fake products?

One thing if nothing else, what you buy in Mustafa’s is what it says it is, they don’t sell fakes, it’s way to large an organisation, with too much to lose to sell rubbish.

Is perfume in Lucky Plaza authentic?

They usually are parallel imported products and could possibly be fakes as well…you’ll never know unless you are a perfume expert. Do get them from authorised major retailers like Tangs, Takashimaya, Robinsons, DFS, etc… i have bought perfume many times from lucky Plaza.

Which gold shop is best in Singapore?

The 5 Best Jewelry Shops in Singapore 2021: Beautiful & Quality

  1. SK Jewellery. Image: SK Jewellery. Best for.
  2. Poh Heng. Image: Poh Heng. Best for.
  3. Michael Trio Jem. Image: Michael Trio Jem. Best for.
  4. Vivo Diamonds. Image: Vivo Diamonds. Best for.
  5. Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Image: Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Best for.

What is the gold rate in Singapore Mustafa?

Find today’s Gold price for an ounce of gold (oz) or price of 1gm gold in Singapore Dollar….Today’s Gold Price in Singapore = 78.06845 SGD / 1 Gram. *

Gold Price in Singapore(SGD)
Quantity 22 carat 24 carat
8 gram 625 SGD 677 SGD
100 gram 7807 SGD 8463 SGD
1 Ounce 31.1034768 grams 2428 SGD 2632 SGD

Is Mustafa pharmacy open?

The Mustafa Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.