What kind of gun does Anita Blake use?

What kind of gun does Anita Blake use?

Browning BDM
She is trained in several forms of hand-to-hand combat as well as in the use of several firearms, with her firearm of preference being the Browning BDM. Blake practices Christianity and is currently of the Episcopal faith, having left Catholicism since the Catholic Church has excommunicated all animators.

Who does Anita Blake sleep with first?

In Jason, Anita asks J. J. for help with pleasuring Jade since Jade is her first female lover. The three women along with Nathaniel Graison, Jason Schuyler, and Domino go to bed together. But when Jason and Nathaniel get more involved, Jade asks Domino to take her from the room, and the two leave.

Is There An Anita Blake movie?

There Are No Plans For An Anita Blake Movie.

What happened to Asher in Anita Blake series?

Their time together (nearly 20 years) came to an end when Asher and Julianna were captured; before Jean-Claude could leave his dying mother and save them, Julianna was burned at the stake as a witch and Asher was permanently disfigured by holy water.

What happened to Richard in Anita Blake?

A student in preternatural biology, Richard’s life changed forever when he became a werewolf as a result of a bad dose of lycanthropy vaccine which, as revealed in Circus of the Damned, he received in college.

Is Anita Blake pregnant?

After reluctantly deciding to have the baby, Anita ultimately learns that she is not pregnant, and that her positive test result was caused by her unique body chemistry.

Does Anita Blake marry?

Anita is not only his human servant, she is also his fiancée. She truly loves him for all that he is and all that he is not. It probably had to do with the Arduer, however they have a deep love and are doing a commitment ceremony with Nathaniel after Anita and Jean-Claude marry officially.

Will there be more Anita Blake books?

“There’s no end planned.” Hamilton told I Smell Sheep that she plans to be writing Anita Blake books for a while: “I’d always seen the Anita Blake series as a mystery series which means there’s no end planned. I’ll keep writing the books as long as the readers and I are enjoying ourselves.”

Who ends up with Anita Blake?

Master of the City of St Louis, Jean-Claude is the lover of Anita Blake. He is said to be between 400 and 600 years old, an exact age is never given, except Danse Macabre Ch. 24, Kiss the Dead, Ch. 7, Affliction, Ch.

Does Anita Blake sleep with Nathaniel?

Character Facts Even though he lives with Anita and sleeps in her bed, and is her pomme de sang for the ardeur, he does not actually become Anita’s lover until ID. This is because Anita feels like she is taking advantage of him.

What new weapons were used in the Civil War?

History >> Civil War. There were many different weapons and technologies used during the Civil War. Some of them were used in a major war for the first time. These new technologies and weapons changed the future of war including the tactics used on the battlefield and the way wars were fought. Rifles and Muskets.

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The Wesson M1859 was a breech-loading, metallic rimfire cartridge rifle used during the American Civil War and the Indian Wars. The carbine was used by US Cavalry, typically purchased by state governments or individuals. Mainly imported by the Confederacy as a weapon for sharpshooters.

Who is Anita Blake?

Anita Blake is the title and viewpoint character of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Were smooth bore rifles used in the Civil War?

These were fine guns during their time however they had no place on a Civil War battlefield. In 1861 after hostilities had erupted into all out war, both sides quickly began to convert from the old smooth-bore muskets to the new Civil War rifles.