What is the new skyscraper in Philadelphia?

What is the new skyscraper in Philadelphia?

Laurel Rittenhouse Square will be the tallest all-residential tower in Philly. Twenty-six of Laurel Rittenhouse Square’s 48 floors are complete, and when it’s done this will be the tallest all-residential tower in Philadelphia. Pricing starts at $2.5 million and goes to $25 million.

Does Philly have a skyline?

With sensational skyline views and beautiful vistas, Philadelphia is easy on the eyes — especially when residents and visitors seek out Philly’s excellent sky-high vantage points.

What buildings make up Philly skyline?

The tallest building currently stands at 974-foot, Comcast Center that was completed in 2008.

  1. Philadelphia City Hall.
  2. 30th Street Station.
  3. Cira Centre.
  4. National Museum of American Jewish History.
  5. Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  6. Vanna Venturi House.
  7. Boathouse Row.
  8. Fisher Fine Arts Library.

How tall is Philadelphia’s tallest building?


Rank Name Height
1 Comcast Technology Center 339.1 m / 1,112 ft
2 Comcast Center 296.7 m / 974 ft
3 One Liberty Place 288 m / 945 ft
4 Two Liberty Place 258.5 m / 848 ft

Why does Philadelphia have so few skyscrapers?

Through most of the 20th century, a “gentlemen’s agreement” prevented buildings from rising higher than the 548-ft (167-m) Philadelphia City Hall. The completion of One Liberty Place in 1987 broke the agreement, and Philadelphia has since seen the construction of eleven skyscrapers that eclipse City Hall in height.

What is the pointy building in Philly?

The statue of William Penn atop Philadelphia’s City Hall is one of 250 sculptures — and the biggest — created by Alexander Milne Calder to adorn the French Empire-style building inside and out.

How tall is the FMC Tower?

730-foot tall
The 49-story, 730-foot tall FMC Tower includes 10-foot floor-to-ceiling glass walls allowing for 360-degree panoramic views of the Schuylkill River, Center City and nearby green spaces such as Schuylkill Banks Park and Penn Park.

How many skyscrapers are in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, the largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, is home to more than 300 completed high-rise buildings up to 330 feet (101 m), and 56 completed skyscrapers of 330 feet (101 m) or taller, of which 32 are 400 feet (122 m) or taller and are listed below.

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