What is the blooming season for calla lilies?

What is the blooming season for calla lilies?

In warm climates, where calla lilies are perennial, the plants typically flower in early summer. When calla lilies are planted in the spring, flowering is usually delayed until late summer. During the growing season, calla lilies appreciate a monthly dose of liquid fertilizer.

Can calla lilies survive winter in Zone 7?

If you live in zones 7 or lower, calla lilies will not survive the winter cold, so your winter care for calla lily plants will be different than for warm climates. The next step in winter care for calla lily plants is after you dig them up, gently brush off any remaining dirt.

How many times does a calla lily bloom?

The plant usually blooms for about six weeks during the late spring and early summer. Keeping the plant potbound encourages more blooms. Calla Lilies may be forced into bloom at any time indoors; it all depends on when the bulbs become available and when they are planted.

Do calla lilies keep blooming all summer?

The bulb-like structure of calla lilies grows well in a planter or in the ground in warm weather. If left in the ground, the plants are considered annuals because the roots will die when frozen. The flowers bloom in the late spring and throughout the summer.

Can calla lilies be planted in Zone 7?

Calla Lilies are winter hardy in hardiness zones 8-10 – However, please note that hardiness varies among the species and cultivars. In cooler climates (zones 3-7), the tubers are planted in the spring, after the danger of frost has passed, and usually treated as annuals.

Will calla lilies bloom again?

Many people treat their gift calla lilies as annuals. They receive a potted flower, or buy them for spring decorating, and then toss it when the blooms are done. In truth, though, calla lilies are perennials and you can actually save your potted plant and watch it bloom again next year.

Will calla lilies grow in Zone 6?

Calla lily plants are hardy in Zones 8 to 9, although gardeners have reported hybrids surviving winters in Zone 6 in protected locations. Outside of Zones 8 and 9, lift bulbs in fall, after leaves yellow and die. In coldest zones, leaves may get frosted and die back.

Are calla lilies in season in June?

These tall and elegant flowers typically begin to bloom in June or July, reports the Missouri Botanical Garden.